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Naruto Fucks Sakura Fucks Kakashi : Naruto hentai party

It was a humid, sticky afternoon in Konoha, and the three remaining original members of Team 7 had a mind-numbingly boring D-rank mission.

It was all Naruto’s fault, Sakura thought murderously as she filled yet another bucket of water from the small pond and brought it back to the garden. He was still a Genin, and that meant that technically they couldn’t take any higher ranking missions. She had appealed to Tsunade, but bureaucracy had overridden them both.

So they were assigned to keep house for a fussy old lady for the day, while she was out buying ribbons, or something. And Kakashi had insisted, although the lady hadn’t asked for anything other than watch the house, that Naruto and Sakura tidy the place up a bit, wash the windows, water the garden, et cetera... Of course, Kakashi had no hand in helping them, and sat in the one shady spot in the garden, on a bench under a fruit tree. His green jounin vest was draped over the back of the bench, another testament to how unbearably hot it was.

When Sakura passed him with each bucketful, she attempted to slosh a little of it on him and his stupid book, in retribution for his laziness. He merely shifted, seeming to know exactly how each drop of water would fall. None ever hit him.

On her fifth bucket coming back, Sakura approached Naruto, who was pulling weeds out of a malnourished flowerbed. He had discarded the heavy orange jacket and now wore a plain white t-shirt that showed off his broad chest and shoulders rather well. Broad for a sixteen-year old, she thought.

“Hey, Sakura-chan!” He stood up, noticing her. “Want to give me a hand?” And since when was Naruto taller than her? She had big hentai boobs. Naruto really wanted to fuck Sakura.

“I’m working on something else, Naruto,” she snapped, then lowered her voice. “I have an idea to get Kakashi-sensei to take off his mask!”

“What?!” He asked excitedly, but then she punched him over the head. Kakashi was watching!

“Not now, idiot!” She hissed.

Under the guise of helping Naruto de-weed the garden, Sakura explained her plan.

“He probably hasn’t gotten any in ages. We’ll just pretend like we’re coming on to him and get him to take off his mask so we can, you know…”

“What?” Naruto pressed, obviously clueless. “Have sex?”

“Kiss, stupid!” Honestly, he was so thick sometimes.

“Oh!” Comprehension dawned. “But, but Sakura-chan! What if he doesn’t want to?”

“Good point. Well, there’s two of us, he must like either men or women, so he’ll just choose one of us, and the other can watch. But still, you’re right… he might not take the bait.” She grasped a weed by the root and ripped it out viciously; Naruto winced.

“Hey! Maybe we can tie him up! That way he won’t be able to run away!”

Sakura was impressed with Naruto’s idea, but didn’t tell him so. She should have thought of it, damn it.


Kakashi was enjoying the latest episode of Icha Icha. This newest installment had Junko forsaking her sheltered life in favor of pursuing a dark, handsome, mysterious man (Kakashi was rather reminded of himself), while Junko’s first love tried to save the world and recapture Junko’s heart all at once. It made for a very engrossing read.

Suddenly, his precious book was yanked out of his hands. His yell was cut short as he felt ropes wrapping around him. He struggled, but had been caught off-guard too quickly. Why were enemy ninja attacking an old lady’s garden? A hand pushed his hitae-ate over his grey eye too, so he could see nothing. Finally, he felt the rough bark of the fruit tree at his back. The ropes tying him didn’t give at all, and he concluded this must be the work of other ninja. So, they wanted to interrogate him, use scare tactics… He would never betray the Leaf!


Sakura and Naruto eyed their sensei, then looked at each other with trepidation. Sakura motioned Naruto silently as if to say, ‘You do it!’

“Why should I do it?” Naruto whispered back. “It was your idea!”

“Naruto?” Kakashi’s voice punctured the silence.

His two students looked at each other in alarm. Sakura let out a small huff of frustration.

“Sakura? Is that you too? What’s going on? What are you two doing?”

“Naruto, I told you not to say anything! He can recognize us by the sound of our voices!”

“Actually, I could sense who it was by smell,” Kakashi piped up.

“Could you, sensei?” Naruto noted a predatory look in Sakura’s eyes.

“Yeah…” Their teacher sounded very puzzled by the whole situation.

“You know,” Sakura said, smirking at Naruto before turning her attention to Kakashi, “Naruto and I were thinking…since you’re so busy being a ninja all the time, you must not have a lot of time to…” She trailed off vaguely, but her intended meaning was perfectly clear.

Naruto stepped in, though didn’t touch his teacher. To be honest, the idea of being with a man made him a little uncomfortable. “And we thought you might want some help, relieving that stress, you know?”

“Whatever you two have planned, I swear, if you don’t let me go--”

“What’ll you do if we don’t let you go, sensei?” Sakura teased, standing on her tiptoes so she could lick along his ear. She felt him repress a shiver; the movement was almost completely imperceptible. So, he was aroused, but had excellent self-control.

While Sakura delightedly roamed her hands and tongue around her sensei’s body, Naruto felt at loose ends. He was half-hard, just from watching Sakura use her tongue like that, but wasn’t sure if Kakashi was okay with him doing the same thing.

What was happening? This was all just to see his face in the end. Why not just take his mask off, now that they had him tied up? Sakura seemed to have the same idea, and had started to pull on the dark blue material that covered his face.

“Sakura,” Naruto stepped closer to both of them, laying his palm on her bare arm. Her skin was so soft… “We should ask permission.”

“Since when are you so concerned with how people feel?” Sakura grumbled, but then acquiesced. “I suppose you’re right, though. Kakashi-sensei?”

“Hmm?” He sounded consigned to his fate, almost bored.

“Is it okay if we—if I—kiss you?”

“I thought you were just going to relieve my stress.”

“Well, yes, but--”

“And what I’ve found works best for me is usually a deep massage, some hot tea and…” He trailed off, a hint of mystery in his voice.

“…and?” Sakura asked eagerly.

When Kakashi answered, he sounded very, very smug. “A blow job and a nice slow fuck.”

The two students looked at each other, half incredulous, half not really surprised at all—look at his choice of reading material. A deep pink blush spread over Sakura’s cheeks as she registered what her teacher had just said to her. She really wanted to see his face, would do almost anything. Almost. He probably wasn’t bad looking, but this wasn’t how she had planned to lose her virginity.

Naruto found Sakura’s blushing extraordinarily cute. Everything about her was cute: her smile, her hair, her ass. No, wait. Change ‘cute’ to hot. He wondered if anyone felt this way besides Rock Lee, whose opinion in appearances really shouldn’t count for much. What would Kakashi think of her? Time to find out.

“Hey, Kakashi-sensei,” he said hoarsely in the older man’s ear. “You should see Sakura-chan right now. She’s really cute--” Sakura scowled at him “—I mean, pretty. Her hair is loose and… and…” He struggled to think of the right words for what he wanted to say.

Sakura had unzipped her red top part of the way, revealing shadowed hints of healthily-pink skin.

Kakashi was perceptive enough to guess what he couldn’t see at the moment. “She’s blushing, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, how did you--?” Naruto broke off mid-sentence as Sakura elbowed him and pointed down. There in Kakashi’s jounin-issue blue pants, a slight straining of fabric, which nonetheless could mean only one thing.

“Do you want to see, sensei?” Sakura said with a giggle, placing her small hand on his chest.

Kakashi nodded once. Naruto lifted first the right side of the hitae-ate and then, without thinking, the left side too.

“No, don’t!” Sakura cried, but by then it was too late.


Kakashi had tried to control his body’s reactions. He had tried until he had realized what his (admittedly stupid, sometimes) students’ real plan was. Up until that point, he had grown increasingly flustered, as Sakura had worked her way over him and Naruto’s unexpectedly masculine voice whispered surprising things in his ear.

They wanted to see his face… it was really kind of funny how people became so obsessed with one pointless goal. If only they had known that all they had to do was ask. And he probably would have said yes, to these two. But instead they had cooked up this foolhardy plan. Now which one had it been? Who first had the idea? His first instinct was Naruto. But Yondaime’s legacy had matured a lot lately. Could it be Sakura?

The plan would have succeeded, too, if they hadn’t made the mistake of taking the hitae-ate off of both eyes. Hmmm… now, which one to start with first? Well, why not make it interesting? Both at the same time would do the trick.

He released the Sharingan’s hypnosis.


“Now,” they heard Kakashi’s voice as if from a distance, sounding entirely too cheerful considering what they had just done—tried—to do to him.

“Who wants to explain themselves first?”

Vision and hearing came back slowly, first in sort of a haze or blur, but clearing within a minute.

Sakura saw that Naruto sat at Kakashi’s feet, wrists bound, but apparently nothing else restrained him. For her, however, more precautions had been taken, with ropes around her wrists, and more binding her to the bench itself, though she couldn’t think of why… oh, they were in so much trouble! If only Naruto hadn’t been so stupid! Letting Kakashi use his Sharingan. They had been so close to seeing what his face really looked like, and by all accounts, he was extremely handsome.

When they both remained silent, not daring to look at each other or their teacher, Kakashi spoke again.

“No one? Don’t tell me I have to use this again…”

“No!” Naruto shouted suddenly. “We were just trying to get you to take off your mask! We weren’t trying to hurt you! If you’re going to punish us just do me! Let Sakura-chan go! I’ll take double!”

“You will, huh?” Kakashi leaned down, glaring at the blond-haired boy. ‘Just do him,’ huh? If only he knew…

“I’m afraid I can’t let either of you go.”

“But it was just a joke!” Sakura burst out.

“Yes, I understand that. However…” He hoisted Naruto by the neck of his shirt and shoved him toward the bench, where he stumbled and sat next to Sakura. There was a defiant air about him and his blue eyes were narrowed.

Kakashi walked closer and stood a few feet in front of them, facing the bench. His arms were crossed and his silver-grey hair fell in rakish spikes about his eyes.

“Both of you need to learn how to finish what you started.”


“Both of you need to learn how to finish what you started.”

Their teacher sat on the bench with them, behind Naruto, who tensed up when the older man spoke intimately in his ear.

“Naruto, you still think Sakura is the prettiest girl you know?”

Naruto nodded, knowing that Sakura could hear everything being said.
“Then why don’t you tell her?” One of Kakashi’s large hands had slid down the boy’s chest, stroking the tensed muscles through white cotton. Naruto felt himself turning red, embarrassed by how his body was reacting. Noticing Sakura’s wide-eyed expression, he made a half-hearted attempt to get Kakashi’s hands off him. In return, Kakashi wrapped his other arm around him, holding him in place, while the other hand moved lower.

Kakashi had somehow managed to maneuvre their bodies so that they both straddled the bench, Naruto’s back held tightly against his teacher’s chest. It was then, as he wondered what Sakura must be thinking of him, that he felt something long and hard pressing into his lower back. One of Kakashi’s hand dipped below the waistband of his pants and grasped his length. He gasped and bucked his hips involuntarily. A low chuckle issued from over his shoulder.

“Has a girl ever touched you like this?” Kakashi drawled as he stroked Naruto under Sakura’s flabbergasted gaze.

“Yes, actually!” Naruto responded hotly before breaking off in a grunt of pleasure. His teacher had just run a single finger along the sensitive underside of his erection.

“When?” Sakura couldn’t help asking. Naruto had lost his virginity before her?! How wrong! How unfair!

“When I… when I was training--” his breath came in shorter intervals as he squirmed under Kakashi’s dextrous touch. “—with Ero-sennin… ah!”

“You? And Jiraiya?” Sakura seemed disgusted.

“No! That’s nasty! No, it was… with—one of his women. They were always hanging around…”

“Sakura.” Kakashi addressed her calmly as he continued to stroke Naruto.

“Sensei?” She envied the attention Naruto was getting. Judging from her teammate’s reactions, Kakashi’s hands were very talented.

“Are you jealous that Naruto lost his virginity before you did?”

What?! How had he known? Urg. Nevermind. She wouldn’t dignify that question with an answer. Kakashi smirked at her, then spoke again to Naruto, holding her gaze all the while.

“Should we ask Sakura to help us? Do you want her to suck you off?”
Naruto whimpered and Sakura gave an ‘eek!’ of indignation.

In response, Kakashi pushed the material of Naruto pants and underwear out of the way. They were slightly spotted with the wetness of precome that had leaked from his now-full erection.

“Sensei…” Naruto panted. His erection, though not longer than average, was thick and red, the tip shiny in evidence of the state of his arousal.

Kakashi nodded Sakura toward Naruto, who clearly couldn’t take much more waiting. The pink-haired kunoichi, still bound to the bench, moved over as far as she could and lowered herself onto her elbows gingerly. She was nervous until her teacher put his large hand—the one that had been jacking Naruto—on her shoulder. Somehow, this was strangely comforting, and, with her eyes firmly shut, she lowered her head and closed her mouth around Naruto.

The skin was unbelievably hot and smooth in her mouth. She pulled off and swirled her tongue around the tip experimentally. Part of her couldn’t quite believe what she was doing—or with whom. Naruto half-yelled when she did the tongue thing. Okay. That was a good move, then. She paused for a second and felt Kakashi’s hand guide her head back onto Naruto’s erection.

“Try licking the underside,” came her teacher’s suggestion. She did, dragging her tongue from base to head, taking in Naruto’s scent. He smelled like soap and ramen and freshly-mown grass. There was something else too, something male. She ran her tongue along the underside again, before taking the head back in her mouth; her blond-haired friend outright groaned.

“Nnn… Sakura-chan…” Feeling daring, she smirked up at Kakashi. This was rather fun. She could have sworn he smiled back at her , but then was forced to look away. His large hand on her head, he guided her back to Naruto’s erection, which now looked painfully hard. She took him in her mouth, not intending to take more than a few inches, but Kakashi’s hand pushed her further, making her take him in until the tip touched the back of her throat. She was about to gag, but Kakashi’s hand guided her back up, then down again, starting a rhythm. Naruto thrust his hips to match her, panting and begging in a very un-Naruto way.

“Nnn… please… Sakura-chan, I think I’m going to—ah!” One final thrust delivered a gush of hot come in her mouth, but she was so surprised that she pulled back. She had heard it was salty, but not this salty. Maybe it was all the miso ramen. Some of it dripped out of her mouth onto her shirt.

“Sakura…” Naruto lay limply in Kakashi’s arms, his breathing shallow.

“Well, Naruto? What do you say to Sakura?” Kakashi spoke as if he were teaching three-year old children about sharing.

“Thank you, Sakura,” Naruto said, grinning at her. He hardly ever looked happier.

“You’re welcome.” She stretched up and kissed him on the cheek. Noticing his eyes beginning to close, she elbowed him in the ribs.

“Hey, wake up! You’re supposed to return the favor! Kakashi-sensei, make him wake up!”

Kakashi shrugged as if there was nothing he could do. “Sorry, Sakura. If you want, I can take care of it. Of course, that means that I’ll have to take off my mask…”

Naruto awoke immediately. “Don’t start yet! I wanna see! Let me help!”

Kakashi winked at Sakura from behind Naruto. “If you think you can make any difference, you’re welcome to try… otherwise, don’t get in the way.” Their teacher stood up, his six foot frame towering over them. There was a definite tent in his pants now, and its size indicated something very promising. Sakura licked her lips and Naruto’s eyes widened. Kakashi, busy untying Naruto’s hands, noticed their attentions.

“My, my. It seems I’ve gotten rather excited as well. I suppose we can just take care of that later.” His suggestive tone left their imaginations spinning.

Once Naruto was freed, he tucked his penis back into his pants and made to launch himself toward his pink-haired teammate, but Kakashi held him back.

“Don’t be so hasty,” he commanded. “You don’t want the girl to think you aren’t in control of yourself.”

“But I am in control! You’re the one who isn’t in control, Kakashi-sensei!” He pointed at his teacher’s obvious erection.
Kakashi raised an eyebrow. “Watch.” Slowly, torturously, he pulled the mask down. His hooded eyes met each of their stunned faces in turn. His face was perfect. The nose, delicate, but not feminine. High cheekbones, slightly angular, but nothing exaggerated. And his mouth, now curved in a smirk, promising to do wonderful things to their bodies.

Naruto watched as Kakashi lowered his head to Sakura’s body.
“We do not go straight for the prize right away,” he instructed Naruto, his fingers brushing Sakura’s skin as they pushed her shirt up slowly. “It’s your job to bring your partner into the moment.” He traced the undersides of Sakura’s breasts, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from the kunoichi. “Make sure you pay attention to how he or she reacts.” Both his hands lifted the material of Sakura’s shirt, revealing her small, pert breasts. He cupped both and took one pink nipple into his mouth.

“Sensei!” Sakura whined, trying to free her hands. “Stop teasing.”

Kakashi immediately took his mouth and hands away. “Naruto, would you like to try?”

Naruto nodded eagerly. “Is it okay if I kiss her first, sensei?”

“Don’t I get a say in this?” Sakura demanded.

Kneeling, Kakashi pushed her legs apart and drew a finger up the inside of her thigh. “Well, Sakura? Is it okay with you?”

In response she grabbed Naruto and kissed him deeply on the mouth. While their tongues dueled, Kakashi lifted the girl’s hips and tugged her black skintight shorts off. She gasped as the outside air hit her sensitized skin. The two students had broken the kiss and Naruto had moved on to her breasts. Kakashi spread Sakura’s legs wider and began kissing up the inside of her pale thighs. She was panting and squirming, trying to make her captors go faster. Watching Kakashi jack Naruto and then sucking her friend off had been surprisingly erotic. But now, when she wanted in on the action, they teased her and dragged it out.

Gods, this was intense. Naruto’s tongue flicked over her nipples, causing them to tighten. Kakashi, down lower, held her legs firmly apart, resolutely not touching her where he must know she wanted it the most. She was vaguely aware that these two people were the last she would have expected to see her like this. Well, not the last ones. But here was Naruto… and Kakashi-sensei, both with unimpeded views of her most intimate body parts. Yes, Kakashi in particular probably had quite an eyeful right now. She could feel how wet she was, and it was surely obvious to him, too.

Her wandering mind was forced back to the present when Kakashi’s tongue licked a long trail through her slick folds, ending with a flick on her clit.

“Ah! Kakashi-sensei!” As suddenly as it came, the sensation was gone. She felt Naruto’s mouth leave her taut nipples, but then in a second realized why. He and Kakashi had switched places, and lucky for her, Naruto didn’t wait around and tease her like Kakashi did. His tongue swept over and over her clit, winding her tighter and tighter. She arched her back, tensing her stomach muscles. Almost there…
And then everything stopped.

“Naruto.” Kakashi was on the bench next to her, supporting her against his body. Naruto had stood up, and she saw he was hard again. Wow, he really did have great stamina. Kakashi’s hand moved down and pushed one finger, then two fingers into her while Naruto pushed his pants down and pulled his shirt over his head.

“Are you ready for him?” Her teacher asked, removing his fingers and licking them.

She eyed Naruto’s erection, slightly nervous. “Yes…”

That was the only affirmative Naruto needed. He positioned himself between her legs and she felt something bigger than either a tongue or Kakashi’s fingers pushing into her. He entered her in one excited thrust and yelped her name. Ouch. Thank god he stayed still at first, letting her get accustomed to his width. He felt so big inside her, like if he moved he would set something off. Kakashi moved aside, off the bench and laid her down on her back, with Naruto over her. The ropes were gone; Kakashi must have removed them while she was distracted. She didn’t know what to do with her legs. It was uncomfortable to let them hang over the sides, so she wrapped them around Naruto’s. Ooh, that felt nice. Evidently Naruto liked it too, for he groaned and moved his hips slightly. Gradually, they established a rhythm, Naruto rolling his hips into hers, and she meeting his strokes. She moaned and slipped a now-freed hand between them, rubbing her clit furiously. She could feel it, she was almost there, a tight, tingling sensation in her body, centering in the pit of her stomach.

A warm rush came over her and she peaked, her body tensing, clenching around Naruto. He came right after her with a shout, shooting his come inside her with one last, triumphant thrust. For a few minutes, they stayed still, catching their breath and trading abashed smiles. Training would certainly be interesting over the next few weeks.
Suddenly her blond companion pulled away.

“Where—?” She turned her head and saw her friend had gone to kneel by Kakashi, who was flat on his back in the grass, languidly stroking an impressive erection. Naruto motioned her over. Urg. So soon? She still felt sore. Moving around seemed like a bad idea but they really should give their teacher some attention.

“Sensei?” Naruto asked.

“Hmm?” One of his hands was behind his head; he could have been watching clouds, but clearly his mind was elsewhere.

Sakura watched in amazement as Naruto leaned over and kissed their teacher. The blond boy had been about to pull away, but Kakashi brought his hand up and held him there, deepening the kiss and reminding him who was really in control. In a flash, he had flipped Naruto onto his back.

“Do you realize, that between instructing you two in the basics of oral sex and coaching you through foreplay, I haven’t gotten to come yet?” He sounded displeased.

“We were just going to take care of that, Kakashi-sensei!” Naruto protested.

Kakashi sat back, in between Naruto’s legs. “Sakura, come here.”

She winced and got up, about to zip her shirt closed.

“Don’t,” he said, stroking himself with one hand. “In fact, just take it off.”

She complied, glad to be rid of the thing on such a hot day. As soon as she had flung the wrinkled, stained garment aside, Kakashi presented her with a small bottle and a small square foil packet.

“What are these for?”

He merely raised an eyebrow at her.

“Oh…” Sakura felt her face flush. Carefully, she tore off the foil, took out the condom and rolled it over her teacher’s erection. He was longer than Naruto, but about the same width and very hard. He still had his pants on, which were undone and pressed his cock up against his flat stomach.

When he had taken off his mask she had basically ignored his body, since his face had been the focus of attention, but now… she had the impulse to just bend down and lick him. Compared to Sasuke he was a god.

Not really noticing, she had allowed her own hand to wander down to her swollen, wet folds and begin rubbing again. The bottle fell, forgotten, on the grass. Kakashi picked it up and flipped the top open, spreading some of the contents on his own fingers and Naruto’s opening.

He lifted his student’s legs into the air, letting them rest on his shoulders. Using one, then two, then three fingers, he penetrated the younger man. She was surprised at Naruto’s reaction. He groaned lustily and lifted his hips to meet Kakashi’s hand. So, he liked this kind of stuff too, huh? Better and better.

Then, her teacher switched his hand for the real thing, taking Naruto inch by inch. Sakura leaned back to watch the show. The plan hadn’t been such a failure after all. Unfortunately, her relaxation was cut short Naruto calling her name.

“Sakura-chan,” he breathed as he rocked with each of Kakashi’s firm thrusts. “Why don’t you… join in?”

She needed no more convincing, as she took in the sight before her. Kakashi-sensei, shirtless, maskless, his silver grey hair messy as usual, his muscles tensing with each stroke of his angular hips. And Naruto, as wild and wanton as she’d ever seen him, his legs over his head and his blond hair strewn about his head like an ironic halo.
First, she bent over Naruto, suckling his nipples and licking his chest and neck. He was salty and slick with sweat. After a few minutes she switched over to Kakashi, who was harder to reach, since he had Naruto’s legs in front of him. His skin was lighter than Naruto’s, marked with faded scars. He smelled like flowery shampoo and a new box of tissues. In fact, that floral scent was very familiar… where had Pakkun learned to use human hygiene products?

Finally she leaned back on the grass next to Naruto and just watched the show. Kakashi’s mouth was half open, his eyes hooded. He was almost silent compared to Naruto, who made almost every imaginable noise and had a goofy grin plastered on his face. Sakura hoped no one passing by and none of the neighbors came to investigate.

Abrubtly, Kakashi pulled out of Naruto who, after all his previous remonstrations gave a cry of disappointment; Sakura saw that her teacher was still hard. She felt an obligation to him and so sat up and followed him to the bench, where he sat down.

“Naruto, come on!” Naruto lay on his back in the grass, moaning. “Naruto!” She yelled. In a second, he was on his knees next to her in front of their teacher. She closed her hand around Kakashi’s erection and swiped her tongue over the tip. Her teacher groaned beneath her.

“Naruto!” She nudged him. He looked at her as if to say, ‘Do I have to?’ but when she took her hand away, he replaced it with his. Holding the erection at its base, he took his teacher’s cock all the way into his mouth, burying his nose in the dark grey pubic hairs. Sakura looked up at Kakashi’s face. His eyes were closed and his head tilted slightly back. She started to move to sit on the bench next to him, but he somehow noticed and pushed her back down. Fine. Back on her knees, she began licking around his stomach, her tongue tracing his sharp hip bone that stood out under the skin. Naruto had taken his mouth away and was pumping up and down with his hand. Sakura thought she heard Kakashi’s breathing hitch but couldn’t be sure.

“Sensei?” She asked, before taking his tip in her mouth.

“What?” His eyes snapped open.

“Uh… nevermind.” But her words came out mumbled.

“You shouldn’t talk with your mouth full, Sakura-chan,” Naruto teased.

Kakashi thrust his hips once as she took more of him in her mouth and moved in time with Naruto’s hand. Their teacher leaned back on his elbows, every muscle of his body outlined.

“Fuck,” they heard him mutter. “Oh, fuck!” She pulled back and let Naruto take over, but he motioned her back down. They both licked their teacher’s cock, drawing forth wonderful, quietly uttered sounds. Naruto moved his hand to cup K’s balls while Sakura licked the underside of his erection.

“Fuck!” Their teacher shouted. He came violently, his back arching, his body straining. Some of his white, hot, sticky come hit their hands and faces.

Kakashi exhaled audibly and sat back up, his body slack, his shoulders relaxed. Naruto looked bemused at the flecks of fluid on his cheeks. Impulsively, Sakura leaned in and licked it off. Mmm. His wasn’t as salty as Naruto’s, but it was thicker. Kakashi brought her hand up to his mouth and licked it clean. He smiled lazily and tucked himself back in his pants.

“You two should get dressed.”

“But …why?” Naruto complained.

“The garden still needs to be de-weeded and someone has to rake up the leaves.”


“Oh, all right. You two are buying me dinner tonight. And you’ll write up the mission report.”

“Should we mention how well we worked as a team?” Naruto grinned, completely naked and perfectly happy. Sakura cast around for her clothes.

“Yeah, how was our teamwork, sensei?”

“Well… it was pretty good. But I think we all could use some practice in tag-teaming. I’ll talk to Tsunade-sama.” He shot them a suggestive smile. “Now, we should really all get dressed before the client comes back. From what I understand, her health is ailing, and she can’t withstand this kind of shock.”


Unfortunately, they weren’t aware that the client had returned early, and had to get dressed quickly so they could transport her to the hospital, whereupon they left as soon as they delivered her.
When the doctors revived her and asked what was wrong, she could only utter two words: “The kink! The kink!”

Really, a great english hentai doujin :)
Next are the naruto hentai videos, and the streaming hentai versions !

Bleach gangbang : Ichigo, Kon, Yoruiji, Renji and Rukia have group sex

This is a Bleach hentai doujin in which Ichigo, Kon, Yoruiji, Renji and Rukia have group sex.

Rukia, Ichigo, Yoruichi, the Urahara’s usual clan, and the four mod souls took up most of the room around the table. Ichigo sat down at Urahara’s table and tried to ignore the stuffed animal fight going on behind him. For the tenth time in twenty minutes he regretted not destroying Kon’s capsule. His conversations and actions had gotten even more perverse lately. One night Ichigo had come back from killing hollows to find Kon in his body masturbating to porn. Ichigo shuddered. And of course his father found the missing tape.

“Shut up!” Ichigo growled with past rage and grabbed Kon, throwing him across the room.

Kon sat up and held up and accusing paw, “I deserve more respect than those three! I’m your partner, I know your body inside and out and yet…” Kon saw the look in Ichigo’s eyes and quickly ran out of the room, followed by the other three mods.

Urahara chuckled, “So I see Kon at least understands what to do with a male teenage body.”

Ichigo was about to snap back when Renji ran into the room, “You bastard!” He pointed at Urahara.

“Something wrong?” Urahara asked from behind his now present fan.

“You…you didn’t give my body functioning parts!”

Rukia looked over at Urahara, “My parts all seem to be in working function.”

“Well of course, Rukia. I had a lot of fun making you as woman as possible.”

“It won’t get hard!” Renji continued to yell.

“Who did you meet, Renji?” Rukia asked.

“I don’t know. Some boy I was going to show a few things to. But it’s kind of hard when it won’t work.”

Ichigo couldn’t keep the shock off his face. “Boys?” He croaked out.

The entire table looked at him, as if he was the one that said something wrong.

“Why not? I like boys.” Rukia shrugged.

“Well you’re supposed to. I mean, you’re a girl.”

“So you like girls, Ichigo?”


“Boys?” Renji asked, forgetting his argument in order to torment Ichigo.


Yoruichi chuckled, “How about Renji and I get naked and we’ll see which of us makes Kurosaki hard.” She lowered her eyelids and looked over at Ichigo, who was already rosy with blush, “But I’m pretty sure I felt something when were naked in the pool together.”

Ichigo stood up, his face completely red, “You’re all a bunch of perverts.” And he stormed out of the little store.

Rukia sighed as she heard the door slam, “Maybe we were a little mean. I forget how young he really is.”

Yoruichi shrugged, “Old enough to know if he likes girls or boys. Being so sexually closed off can’t be healthy. Rukia you ever hearing anything when you’re in that closet?”

“Only when it’s Kon in his body.” She glared down at the stuffed bear who had snuck back in without the rest of the mod souls.

“I’m only trying to help him out. That body is always tense. It’s not fair I gotta put up with that pain.”

Renji sighed, “I’d do it with him. At least my shinigami form works. He’s one of the only guys that can see it.”

“There’s always the Quincy, or me.” Urahara pointed out.

“No way I’m going near that shinigami hater.”

“Let’s do him.” Yoruichi grinned.

“Who?” Rukia asked.

“All of us.”

Kon jumped up, “Can I go too?”


Ichigo looked over at the empty closet. He had almost forgotten how quiet his room could be when Kon and Rukia were gone. Even his family had gone out. He plopped down on his bed and put his hands behind his head. “They just don’t get it.”

“Don’t get what?”

Ichigo gasped. He hadn’t even heard Rukia open the door. He looked over and noticed she was in her shinigami form. Well, that explained the door.

“Is there a hollow?”

Rukia threw him Kon’s capsule.

Ichigo quickly swallowed the pill. His physical body fell over as he stepped out of the bed. “Let’s go.”

Rukia stared at him blankly.

“Hey. What’s your problem?”

Suddenly his arms were pulled and pinned behind him. “What the…” He tried to turn his head back and caught a glimpse of orange spiky hair. “Kon! What are you doing?”

Without any warning Rukia charged at him and punched him in the stomach. He fell to his knees and tried to catch the air that was knocked out of him. Rukia pulled his soul slayer off his back and set it up against the wall. Kon twisted his arms back in such a way that they were pinned against his neck and forced his head to look down. He tried to look up, thinking that if he could just look at Rukia he would understand what was happening. But he gave up and focused on her feet. “Why?”

“Relax Ichigo, you’ll enjoy this.”

“Hey. Sorry we’re late.” Renji and a black cat jumped in through the window. He looked over at Ichigo and smiled, “Subdued him already? I knew I’d miss all the fun.”

Ichigo didn’t bother to respond. Obviously they had planned something, and to get away from all four of them he knew he’d have to save his energy.

Yoruichi crawled up under him and brushed his nose with her tail. “Don’t worry, Ichigo.” And with that she popped out her claws and made a few slashes to the front of Ichigo’s robes. A strip fell off, baring Ichigo’s chest, muscled legs, and crotch. Apparently, underwear didn’t come with the outfit.

Ichigo’s eyes got wide as he looked at his bared self. Regardless of common sense he tried struggling with new vigor. But Kon managed to keep him pinned pretty well.

Yoruichi sighed and transformed herself. She was sitting opposite of Ichigo, Indian style, smiling at him.

“You ran off before we got to play our game remember.”

Ichigo stared at everything the position revealed. He had seen it before, but he had always been able to pull his eyes away. But with Kon controlling what he could do with his head, he found it pretty easy to look.

Yoruichi, noticing she had an attentive audience, grinned and brushed a hand across one of her nipples. Ichigo’s eyes followed the movements. “A quick anatomy lesson, Ichigo. This is one of my boobs. I'm a hentai bitch. She ran a hand around her nipple, “And this is an areola. And this…” She grabbed a nipple and pinched it, “Can you guess what this is?”

Ichigo’s member jerked as it started to come to life.


She grabbed her other boob and began to play with them both until Renji stepped behind her and took over the job. He glared at Ichigo, “The woman asked you a question.”

Ichigo blushed as he suddenly remembered there was more than just Yoruichi in the room. Yoruichi shrugged, “Well, I guess we’ll just get to the rest of the lesson.” She spread her legs open. And Ichigo watched with a sick interest as Renji’s hand slid down her body and parted Yoruichi’s lips. He ran his finger up and down her clit until she shuddered and moaned. He winked at Ichigo, “Always learn a woman’s sweet spots.” And with that he slipped a finger inside her.

Ichigo heard Kon moan behind him. “Hurry up with the lesson so we can play with Ichigo.”

Renji pulled his finger out of Yoruichi and nodded. “You get a half-mast score, Yoruichi.” He nodded down at Ichigo’s semi erection.

Yoruichi snickered, got up, and sat down on Ichigo’s bed, out of his line of sight.

Renji quickly pulled off his robe and stared down at Ichigo. “My gigai one doesn’t work very well but it’s nothing compared to this one. It works real well. And I’ll prove it to you soon enough.”

Ichigo tried to jerk free again, “Enough. Kon, let me go or when I put you back in that bear I’ll cut your arms and legs off.” He looked over at Rukia, who was quietly leaning in the corner of the room, “And you can sleep on the roof. Now, stop this.”

Renji kneeled down in front of him, “What’s wrong? Scared I’ll tear you in two?”

Ichigo narrowed his eyes, “I’m not scared of that.”

Renji brushed a hand down Ichigo’s chest and quickly stroked Ichigo. Ichigo’s eyes widened and he gasped.

“Hey, that’s not fair. You can’t get him hard that way!” Yoruichi crossed her arms and pouted.

Renji smiled, “I don’t remember making that rule. Would you like that to be a rule, Kurosaki? Want me to stop touching you?” He moved up to Ichigo’s neck and took one of Ichigo’s earlobes into his mouth and sucked on it. Ichigo whimpered.

“Is that a no?”

Ichigo shook his head.

Renji looked up at Kon, “Where are his sweet spots?”

“Umm…he’s got pretty sensitive nipples. And the inside of his thighs. And of course in his ass…”

Ichigo growled and was about to threaten Kon when Renji ran his hands over Ichigo’s nipples. Ichigo felt his body shiver. And suddenly he felt guilty that Kon knew more about his body then he did. And then he felt angry. It had to be okay if everyone else was so open about things. “Kon, let me go. My neck aches.”

He wasn’t really expecting Kon to let him go, so he was surprised when his arms fell to his sides. Renji leaned in and took one of Ichigo’s nipples into his mouth. “Ahh…” Ichigo threw his head back and put a hand in Renji’s hair.

He could hear Kon moving behind him, and then suddenly felt hands on his back, massaging his shoulders and neck. He didn’t realize how sore he was until that moment. He leaned back against Kon’s body and let the two boys explore his body. Kon kissed up and down Ichigo’s neck and then suddenly he bit down into Ichigo’s neck. Ichigo froze, trying to decide if he liked it or not.

Renji growled and stood up, pulling Ichigo with him. “Take off your clothes.”

Yoruichi slapped her knee, “About time.” She looked over at the silent Rukia, “You going to join us?”

Rukia locked eyes with Ichigo, “I won’t make you actually go through with it if you don’t want to.”

Ichigo looked around the room. Kon was happily pulling off his clothes. Renji’s arms were crossed as he tried to refrain from touching Ichigo. Yoruichi was stretching. “I…want to.” And with that, hands were on him, removing his clothes. Rukia nodded and began to undo her outfit too. Soon there were five naked people in Ichigo’s room.

Yoruichi circled around Ichigo’s naked body, and her eyes kept going back to Kon. “It’s so entertaining to see two of you Ichigo.”

“Kon, since you know Ichigo’s body better than anyone, why don’t you prep him?”

“Prep me?” Ichigo looked over his shoulder at Yoruichi.

Kon stepped behind Ichigo and wrapped his hands around Ichigo’s waist. He wrapped a hand around Ichigo’s erection and began slowly stroking him. Ichigo’s mouth dropped open in a silent moan.

“Open your legs.” Kon demanded as he kissed Ichigo’s neck.

Ichigo nodded and spread his legs apart.

“That’s hot.” Renji commented as he watched the two identical naked boys.

Rukia sat down in a chair and watched the show too. “Renji…” She muttered as she spread her legs open in the chair. Renji grinned and stepped over to where she was, knelt down, and began licking her.

Ichigo looked over at Renji and Rukia, and the thought crossed his mind that it looked like it had happened before.

“No time for daydreaming.” Kon whispered as he slipped a lube finger down to Ichigo’s entrance.


“Relax.” Kon pushed the finger up against Ichigo until he finally relaxed and the finger slipped inside.

Ichigo winced. It burned. He reached down and dug his fingers into Kon’s arm.

Kon winced, “Ichigo, relax, you’re hurting my finger.”

“Take it out.”

“Then relax and I will.”

Ichigo released Kon’s hand and took a deep breathe. Kon started to stroke Ichigo’s penis to erection again.

Once he felt Ichigo relax, he pushed another finger inside. Ichigo gasped. “I thought you were going to take it out.”

“In a minute. Come on. I know your body. It’ll feel good if you let it.”

Yoruichi stepped forward and knelt down in front of Ichigo. She stuck out her tongue and licked Ichigo’s head.

“Uhnn…” Ichigo’s knees almost buckled. He had never experienced such intense sexual feelings.

Yoruichi smirked at the reaction and slipped her mouth over the head of his penis.

“Oh gods.” The tongue felt so good he didn’t even notice Kon had started to move his fingers around inside of him.

Renji moved away from Rukia’s sex and looked back at the threesome. Rukia kneed him in the chin, “Why are you stopping?”

“Don’t’ worry, you’ll get more. But hold on, I wanna see this part.”

“Uahhh! Wha…ahhh…” Ichigo fell to his knees and Kon followed him down, fingers still pressed against Ichigo’s prostate. Yoruichi had pulled away and watched. Ichigo was on his hands and knees, thrusting backwards onto Kon’s fingers. Kon looked up at everyone else, desire burning in his eyes, “Can we do it now?”

“Hell ya.” Renji grinned. “Ichigo, stay just like that.”

Kon pulled his fingers out while the others walked over.

Yoruichi sighed, “Remember the plan?”

“Can…I know…the plan?” Ichigo gasped out.

“You are going to be busy.” Yoruichi smiled.

Rukia laid down in front of Ichigo and spread out her body, “I’m ready Ichigo, go ahead and get in me.”

Ichigo shuddered, the command almost bringing his orgasm. He swallowed and got on top of Rukia. He looked down at her, not sure what to do next. In movies didn’t they always kiss? Rukia smirked, reached down and grabbed Ichigo’s penis, and pressed it up against her. “Go.” She whispered.

Ichigo nodded and pushed the rest of the way in. He froze the second he was all the way in. The heat was overwhelming. He could feel himself about to explode just from being buried inside.

“Don’t come yet, Ichigo. You’ve got a lot of work ahead of you.” Renji kneeled behind Ichigo and placed himself at Ichigo’s entrance. “Remember, this is gonna be bigger than a few fingers. So brace yourself.”

Ichigo took a deep breath to keep himself still. “Just hurry it up.”

Renji wrapped an arm around Ichigo’s waist and pulled Ichigo back until he was just on his knees, Rukia still surrounding him. Renji pushed his lubed up dick up against Ichigo’s already stretched hole. “Here we go.”

With the arm still around Ichigo’s waist, he held him still while he pushed in. Ichigo closed his eyes, gritted his teeth, and clinched his fists, trying to keep from thrusting in either direction. Kon really had done a good job getting him ready, almost immediately Renji’s erection felt pleasurable.

Yoruichi crawled over, and placed her crotch over Rukia’s face. Almost immediately Rukia stuck her tongue out and began to play with the cunt above her.

Ichigo opened his eyes and looked, and immediately regretted it. He just couldn’t look anywhere without getting turned on. “Can we start already?”

Renji laughed, “Thought you’d never ask.” He pulled all the way out and almost slammed back in. Ichigo groaned and thrust forward, pushing his own erection even deeper into Rukia. Rukia moaned into Yoruichi’s vagina.

Kon stepped over and put his erection next to Ichigo’s face, “Me too.”

Even doing as much as he had done, he couldn’t help but blush as he opened his mouth and let Kon put his erection in.

Renji slammed into Ichigo’s ass and moaned, both at the feeling and at the acts laid out in front of him. Ichigo’s and Rukia’s muffled moans were just as loud as Kon’s and Yoruichi’s.

Soon things started to fall apart as everyone was driven on by their own needs. It didn’t take Rukia long to orgasm from the combined work of Renji and Ichigo. And Ichigo only lasted a second later. He came with an almost silent moan. Immediately he wanted to lie down and pass out, but Renji pulled him back, and Kon stepped away. His slowly limping erection felt cold after being pulled out from Rukia’s heat. Renji lay down, Ichigo straddling him backwards. Renji started thrusting again, “Come on, I told you that you have work to do.”

“Shut…up.” Ichigo growled as he began pumping up and down. Kon stood in front of Ichigo, still purple and hard, waiting to come. Ichigo took the erection into his mouth and wrapped a hand around the base of it as he concentrated on sucking.

Yoruichi actually meowed when she came.

Kon put a hand down in Ichigo’s hair, “I’ve fantasized about this…for so…louuhhhg.” He pulled up on Ichigo’s hair painfully as he held Ichigo’s head in place while he came into his mouth.

Ichigo managed to pull away, and coughed up what hadn’t shot down his throat. Renji, following Kon’s example, pulled back on Ichigo’s hair and kissed him as he came inside Ichigo’s ass. Ichigo groaned into the kiss. And then just as quickly as the kiss began, it ended. Ichigo sighed and crawled off of Renji. He felt sticky inside.

Yoruichi smiled, “So Ichigo, you like girls or boys?”

Resident Evil Hentai Story, Porn Rebecca

In this story, a Resident Evil hentai parody, Rebecca gest a gangbang by a horde of undead. That's almost better that naruto hentai, lol !

Rebecca Chambers walked slowly down the creaking stairs, her eyes darting around. As she reached the bottom of the stairs and peered down the hall that was in front of her, she didn’t see any of the zombies that were lurking around. She spotted a door across from her and decided to check the room out, stepping towards it. As Rebecca’s hand grasped the door handle, she heard a low moan and caught the smell of sour lemons that accompanied the lurking undead. She turned to look behind her and saw one of them lunging towards her. She screamed and frantically turned at the doorknob. With her weight pressed against the door heavily, when the knob turned, the door flew open and Rebecca fell through the door. She hit the ground hard on her butt, her eyes wide and locked on the lunging monster in front of her.
Rebecca started to crawl away, further into the room and tried to kick the door closed. The door swung and almost closed, but it bounced off the zombie instead. He stumbled for a moment, then continued moving towards Rebecca. The zombie stopped right above the girl, looking down at her with his milky eyes. Rebecca tried to push herself up but as she did, the zombie dropped to its own knees and grabbed her by the shoulders, holding her down. Rebecca screamed again, tears starting to form in her eyes. The zombie moved on of his legs over her body, straddling her, making it so she couldn’t crawl away or push herself up.
Rebecca struggled, trying to push the zombie off her, but it was too heavy. She started punching at it with her small fists but there was no effect. The zombie moved his hands from her shoulders down to her medium-sized, firm breasts, squeezing them. Her tears broke free from her eyes and started to move down the sides of her cheeks. She felt the thing’s hands roughly grab and rub her tits through the fabric of her vest and shirt. The zombie gripped the neck of her vest and ripped it down the middle. It tore about halfway down and the bottom of the vest pulled out from under her pants. The zombie kept tearing at the vest until it was split completely.
After the vest had been torn, the zombie grabbed at Rebecca’s pants, pulling on them, trying to get them open. He managed to pop the button off, sending it flying off somewhere and the zipper was pulled down shortly after. Once that was done, the zombie tugged Rebecca’s pants down her smooth, milky legs, revealing a pair of green camo panties. As the zombie moved down to take off her pants, the girl tried kicking at the zombie and pushing away. She managed to scoot back another foot, but the the monster lunged forward and grabbed her again, pinning her to the floor.
The zombie’s hands moved down to Rebecca’s panties and pushed them down to her knees. Rebecca’s cunt was smooth and totally clean- shaven, her pussy lips easily visible. The monster’s rough hands then grabbed the bottom of the olive green t-shirt Rebecca wore, pulling it up and over her tits. Her bra was also a green camo material, matching her panties. The zombie clawed at the bra, scraping red lines across her breasts and eventually causing one of them to pop out of the bra, revealing her small, erect nipple.
The zombie undid its own pants, revealing its aching erection. Rebecca let out another scream upon seeing the size of the cock that was aiming for her young body. Rebecca wasn’t a virgin, but she hadn’t had sex that often and this undead creature was better endowed then any of the boys she’d been with. The zombie’s hands grabbed hold of the young woman’s hips and held her firmly as it positioned itself at her entrance. With a hard shove, the monster embedded half of its eight-inch cock inside her.
Rebecca arched her back and cried out, more tears bursting out of her eyes. The zombie continued pushing himself inside her, feeling the tightness of her cunt grip his rock hard cock. It moved its head down, over her breast and started to lick and suck on her single exposed nipple. Rebecca’s efforts to get away doubled as she frantically squirmed to try and escape the zombie. Why the hell did she drop her gun? If she hadn’t been so clumsy, she wouldn’t be being raped by a corpse right now. Every time the zombie moved its cock inside her, she cringed and cried some more. It felt horrible and being as she was almost totally dry, the scraping was causing even more pain.
As the zombie thrust into Rebecca and munched on her boob, it felt nothing but pleasure. The T-Virus had destroyed his entire thought process, leaving only the basic urges. To feed and to fuck. So the zombie continued pumping itself in and out of the warm slab of meat underneath it, it’s pleasure growing and growing. Finally, after a few minutes of hard fucking, the zombie went over the edge. It pushed itself deep inside Rebecca’s cunt and let its load burst inside her, spraying the inside of her with burning hot cum. Rebecca screamed as she felt the burning inside her.
The girl started to struggle again as the zombie finished fucking her. She could tell by the new look it had that it was far from done with her. It opened its mouth wide and started to go down towards her neck. Rebecca squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to see the end when suddenly there was a loud bang. She felt wetness splatter all over her face and her eyes opened. The zombie’s head had a nasty hole in its forehead. The wetness that had hit her in the face was the monster’s blood and brains. The dead zombie slumped forward, its head landing on her chest and blood spilled out over her chest. Breathing heavily, Rebecca looked past the corpse on top of her to the open doorway where her savior stood.
Chris Redfield lowered his Beretta, looking down at the scene in front of him. He had heard the moans of a zombie and the screams of what could only be a living woman. Chris thought he might have finally found Jill but instead had discovered Rebecca. He had seen her around the S.T.A.R.S. office a few times in the short time she had worked there but they had never really talked. He was shocked to see her being attacked by the zombie in such a way. He was also a little embarrassed at the semi-hardon he had. "Are you alright?" he asked, putting a boot on the zombie and pushing it off of her.
Rebecca was relieved as Chris pushed the zombie off of her, feeling its cock slid out of her. But just as she was relieved, she was very embarrassed. Her hands moved to over herself, one over her blood stained breast and the other over her bare pussy oozing zombie cum. She nodded quickly, feeling her face grow warm from blushing. She pulled the cup of her bra back up over her breast and then reached down and yanked her panties back up. She pulled her shirt back down over her chest and then sat up, grabbed her pants and moved them to cover her legs again. She zipped them up but couldn’t button them. She slid her torn vest off and wiped the gore off of her face then threw it on the floor. "Thanks..." she said, quietly, her face still red.
"No problem," Chris said, smirking. He had gotten a good eyeful of her young body before she covered herself and he had liked what he’d seen. "I’m glad I got here in time. If I had been a few moments later, you’d have been dead." The glimpse he had gotten had given Chris a full blown hard on and he knew exactly what he wanted to do with it. The thought crossed his mind that she had just been raped by a member of the undead and that she most likely wasn’t in the mood, but his arousal was overwhelming and he didn’t really care about that. Besides, she owed him for saving her life.
Rebecca saw the look in Chris’s eyes as he spoke and recognized it. It was the same look the zombie had when it had lunged at her. "Yea... I dropped my gun and lost it. I didn’t have anything to fight it off with." Chris wouldn’t attack her, would he? He wasn’t some mindless zombie, he was a human. And a friend of hers, as well. Well, not exactly a friend, but they knew each other. They worked together. He wouldn’t attack her like the zombie had.
"Really?" Chris replied. "That’s not good. You wont last very long without a weapon. I happened to find a spare handgun." He reached behind him and pulled the second Beretta from his waistband and held it up. "I’m not sure if I should give it to you, though. I might need it myself." The smirk was still playing on his face. It was obvious what he wanted.
Rebecca sighed, looking down. In a way, Chris was worse then the zombie. At least it was straightforward about what it wanted. Chris was playing games with her, blackmailing her even. "What do you want me to do?" she asked softly. She could only imagine the things he wanted her to do to him.
Chris’s smirk turned into a full grin. He reached behind him and pushed the door shut so they wouldn’t be interrupted. "Well, the look I got at you gave me a raging hardon. So I figure it’s only fair, being as I saved your life, that you take care of it." He reached down and undid his pants, letting them fall down and reveal his boxers which looked almost like a tent from his hard cock. "So let’s make a deal. You suck me off, and I’ll let you have this spare gun and you can tag along with me and we can get out of here together."
She looked back up, her eyes lingering on Chris’s boxers for a few moments. "Alright. I’ll do it." She knelt down in front of him, her face right in front of the hardness. She reached out and slid the boxers down, Chris’s cock springing out. It was around the same length as the zombie’s, although a bit thicker. She hesitated at first, just looking at it. Then she reluctantly opened her mouth and took Chris’s cock head into her mouth. Blow jobs were something Rebecca was a bit more accustomed to then intercourse. She’d given about a dozen of them to various men and was fairly skilled at it.
Rebecca sucked on the head for a little bit, tasting some pre cum. She slowly started to inch more of Chris’s rod into her mouth, working on it more and more. She found her humiliation start to fade as she got into sucking him off. After a short while, Rebecca was slurping enthusiastically on his cock. Chris’s breathing grew heavy and sweat beaded along his brow as the pleasurable sensations moved through him. He knew he couldn’t last much longer and as Rebecca took another long suck, Chris cried out that he was cumming. By now, Rebecca was so into it that she didn’t care that he had initially forced her into this blow job. She just kept sucking, drinking up his cum as it spat into her mouth.
When he had finished, Rebecca leaned back and licked her lips, smiling. Chris put his now limp member away and looked down at the girl. "Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?" he asked.
Rebecca shook her head and stood up. "Not bad at all. Next time we’ll have to do a bit more," she said, holding out her hand. Chris took out the Beretta and placed it in her waiting hand. Then the two left the small room, looking for an exit to the hellish mansion.

Rebecca and Chris had split up to look for the exit and it looked as though Rebecca had found it. She’d spotted a heavy, metal door and when she opened it, had heard the sounds of crickets and other things. It lead to a narrow stone hallway that had no roof. It looked like the most promising route to an exit so far, so she stepped through the door and started down the path. She got about halfway down the path when she froze, hearing the click of nails on the pavement.
From around the bend in front of her, Rebecca saw a rotting doberman walking towards her. It let out a low growl before charging at her. Rebecca let out a shriek and turned, running back towards the door. She almost got there when she felt a great weight plow into her lower back. Rebecca flew forward and slammed into the cement floor, knocking the wind out of her and sending stars in front of her vision. She knew she had to move quick, or else the dog would kill her. She flipped around and reached for the gun stuffed in the front of her pants, but she wasn’t fast enough. The dog lunged forward and sunk its fangs into Rebecca’s forearm.
She screamed, tears squeezing out of her eyes, as the dog bit down on her arm and shook. She watched as blood started to seep out from where the dog was biting her. It shook its head wildly before letting Rebecca’s bloody arm go. Her arm fell beside her, limp and practically useless. She was sure this was where the killing blow was going to come in. Instead, she felt the dog’s snout start to nuzzle her crotch. Rebecca’s eyes widened and she looked down to where the dog was. No, not again, she thought. First the zombie, and now a zombie dog. Was everything in this whole fucking mansion sex-crazed? she thought.
Rebecca slowly started to move her other hand down to where her gun was, but the dog’s head immediately shot up and growled at her. Great, she thought, it knows what a gun is. Rebecca stopped moving her hand and lay still, trying to think of a way out of this. Where the hell was Chris? Funny, how he showed up right in the nick of time to save her last time and now he wasn’t anywhere. She wondered if he’d come in at the last minute again, and demand more sexual favors after rescuing her. The dog’s nose rubbed harder against Rebecca’s crotch. Sexual favors. That was the only way she was going to get out of this. The dog wanted to fuck her, fine. Maybe while it was doing that, it would be too distracted to notice her blowing its brains out.
The dog bit down on one of the flaps of Rebecca’s pants and tugged on it, making the zipper come down. With no button, this was extremely easy. It repeated this procedure on her panties. Rebecca spread her legs to allow the dog easier access, wanting to get this over with as quickly as possible. The gun had slid out of her pants and was lying next to her, by her waist. Her wounded arm was throbbing with pain. She could see between the dog’s legs, its member slide out from its sheath. The dog’s cock was pretty big. God, she thought, if this keeps up, I’m gonna be so fucking loose by tomorrow morning. The dog positioned itself between the girl’s spread legs and started its rhythmic humping.
It didn’t penetrate right away. Rebecca felt the slimy cock knock against the inside of her thighs a few times before striking home. She gasped as she felt the cock start to pound into her. She started to feel sick as what was happening to her sank in. She was being raped by a dog. A dead dog, at that. She was so going to put in for a transfer as soon as she got back to the station. As if it couldn’t get worse, the dog was panting right into her face. Its hot, stinky breath adding to her nausea. Then a glob of dog drool splattered down onto her forehead. Rebecca squirmed and groaned in disgust, but the dog didn’t notice. It only humped faster.
Rebecca’s unwounded hand started to move down for the gun again, and as she suspected, the dog was too preoccupied with hammering into her cunt to notice. Just as her fingers brushed against the butt of the gun, she felt the first splatters of dog cum inside her. As it did, the dog growled and started to go for Rebecca’s throat, just as she pulled the gun up. She pushed the barrel into the dog’s mouth and pulled the trigger. The dog fell limp on top of her as the back of its skull was disintegrated. She tried pushing it off of her, but something wasn’t right. The dog’s cock wasn’t coming out of her.
Rebecca’s jaw dropped from the sheer absurdity of her situation. Her she was, lying on the ground half-naked, with a twice dead dog on top of her, and its cock stuck in her. She sighed and tried to think about how long the dog’s penis stayed inside the female after orgasm. Rebecca groaned as she remembered. "I’m gonna be stuck like this for half an hour," she mumbled to herself out loud. What was worse was she knew that Chris would find her like this. Her luck was just that bad. As if being found with a human zombie pumping into her wasn’t bad enough. At least there was only one dog, she thought.
Rebecca resigned herself to the humiliation and didn’t even bother trying to struggle. She just laid back and waited, her hand gripped tightly on her pistol in case something else did try and take advantage of her. She heard the door creak open and then slam shut behind her and tilted her head back to see who it was. Just as she had predicted, there was Chris with a little smirk on his face, looking down at her. She could’ve sworn she saw the bulge of his erection appear in his pants.
"What happened to you?" Chris asked, almost on the verge of laughing.
She sighed. "Just shut the hell up and help get it off me."
Chris walked over to her and grabbed hold of the dead dog. He lifted up on it and tried to pull it off her, but only succeeded in dragging Rebecca across the floor by her crotch. "Well, that didn’t work..." Chris said, wondering how to solve this problem.
"No shit, asshole," Rebecca hissed at him. Being dragged that way had hurt her pussy as well as scrapped her ass. She heard the door open again and looked back to see Barry. She let out an audible groan. Was there no end to her humiliation.
Barry raised an eyebrow at this scene. Rebecca laying on the ground with her legs spread, a dead zombie dog with its cock inside her, and Chris holding the dog up, trying to pull it out of Rebecca. "Umm... need a hand?" He, too, felt a stirring in his loins at seeing the eighteen-year-old in such a predicament.
Chris smiled, seeing Barry walk in. Now, he’d get to share in boinking Rebecca’s brains out. With all the bad sex she was getting from the monsters, she’d need a constant flow of good sex to counter it. Or at least, that’s how Chris justified it. "Yea, if you wouldn’t mind holding onto Rebecca while I pull this thing out of her. It seems to be a little stuck."
Rebecca shook her head and looked off into space. "Fuck you, Chris."
Chris grinned at her comment, thinking that that would be happening soon enough. Barry stepped up to Rebecca and knelt down, hooking his arms through hers to hold her steady. After that, Chris started to pull on the dog again. Being held firmly in place, Rebecca felt the dog’s knot tugging against the inside of her cunt and the pain it brought. She cringed, clenching her teeth tightly together as Chris pulled. After a few minutes of tugging, the cock finally sprang out of her and Rebecca let out an involuntary moan.
Rebecca lay there, rejoicing in her freedom for a moment, before she realized her bare pussy was there for everyone to see. She quickly reached down and grabbed her panties, yanking them up, followed by her pants. She really needed to find a safety pin or something for her pants. Not having a button meant her zipper kept sliding down and with it, her pants. She stood up and looked from Chris to Barry, noticing a similar look in both their eyes, as well as similar bulges in their pants.
"Oh, no..." she said, shaking her head. "No way am I doing either of you. Not a chance in hell." She looked at Chris. "You didn’t save my life this time, so you can’t use that excuse now."
"No, I didn’t save your life this time," Chris said, smirking. "However, it would be pretty embarrassing if me and Barry were to tell everyone how we found you when we got back to the station. You’d be a laughing stock. Hell, you’d have to resign. It’d be a shame, only eighteen and out of a job."
She glared at Chris. "You’re really a bastard, you know that?"
Chris laughed and motioned for her to follow him. "Come on, there’s a little work shed at the end of this path. A little more private."
Rebecca started following him, then stopped in her tracks. "Wait... how do you know..." Her eyes widened. "You fucking asshole! You set me up!"
Chris’s expression turned to a look of innocence. "I did no such thing. I have a map of this whole place." It was obvious that he could barely contain the laughter.
"I hope you burn in hell, Chris Redfield," she said, continuing to glare at him.
"Easy, there, Rebecca," Barry said, walking up behind her. He smacked her ass and grabbed it a little. "Let’s not be all hostile now."
She gasped as she felt Barry grope her ass. They had both been in on it. Those fuckers! She mumbled curses under her breathe as she followed them to the room at the other end of the path.
Once inside the work shed area, Chris and Barry bandaged her wound then stood in front of Rebecca, grinning. The girl grimaced and started to strip. They’d made their intentions quite clear and she had no choice in the matter. She slid her lower garments off first, pilling them up, then slid her shirt off. Finally, she unclasped her bra and stood entirely naked in front of them. Chris unzipped his pants and pushed them down, pulling his erect penis out and lying on the floor, waving Rebecca to come over and sit on his hard on.
She complied, sitting on his lap and sliding his member inside her. It may not have been entirely voluntary on her part, but it sure beat being raped by one of those monsters. And Chris did have a nice cock. Barry moved up behind her and slid his hands around to her front, cupping her tits and caressing them. He pinched at her nipples and she moaned a little.
Rebecca got a rhythm down as she moved up and down on Chris, feeling him slide in and out of her, and Barry’s hands continued to move over her chest. It was actually a quite pleasurable experience. Then Barry moved one of his hands to the middle of her back and pushed her forward. Rebecca was confused for a moment, then realized what he was trying to do.
She turned her head to look back at Barry. "No way, you’re not gonna put anything up my..." Her pleads faded as she caught sight of Barry’s cock. It was the biggest she’d ever seen. Long and thick and rock hard and going for her ass. "Please, Barry... you’ll rip me in half. I’ll suck you off, you can have my pussy when Chris is done, just please don’t put it there."
Barry shook his head. "I’m not taking sloppy seconds, and as pretty as your mouth is, it’s not quite tight enough for me." He pushed her forward a little more then licked his fingers, making them wet. He moved his fingers to her asshole and started to press one digit in. Rebecca cringed, feeling Barry’s finger slide into her rectum. He slid his fingers in and out, lubing her up before pulling out and positioning the head of his cock where his fingers had just been.
Rebecca’s breathing was heavy, between fucking Chris and the worried anticipation of what Barry was going to do to her. At least he was relatively gentle about it. He pushed into her slowly, stopping just after he got the head of his cock in. Rebecca gasped. It felt incredibly strange, but not wholly bad. Barry waited there for a short time before pressing on.
Over the next few minutes, he slowly filled her anus with his enormous cock. After he’d gotten all the way in, he pulled out and then slid back in. There was a degree of pain, but on the whole it felt pretty good to Rebecca and she started thrusting back and forth, onto either Chris’s or Barry’s dick. The double penetration felt amazing and she soon lost herself, moaning and crying out. She sounded like a real slut, screaming in passion as the two men fucked her.
Rebecca arched her back and cried out loudly as she came, both her cunt and ass tightening around Chris and Barry’s cocks. Chris couldn’t take anymore and shot his seed up into her womb. After he finished, he slid out from under her and did his pants back up. This allowed Rebecca to move forward and get on her hands and knees, thrusting her ass back against Barry. Barry responded by pounding into her ass even harder and faster. Sweat poured out of both of them and Rebecca’s breasts bounced as she moved, sweat flying off of them. Finally, they both let out loud moans and Barry’s sperm flew into the girl’s bowels.
They both collapsed onto the floor, breathing heavily. Barry pulled out of her and his cum started to ooze out of her ass. Rebecca lay on the ground for a long time before she was able to move, and even then, she moved slowly. She got her clothes back on and then looked from Chris to Barry. She smiled. "Ok... so I enjoyed it. But the next time you two want to do me, don’t send a dog to break me in first, ok?" They all laughed at that.

Final Fantasy 7 Hentai XXX Porn Video

Final Fantasy 7 Hentai
Tifa is humiliated and raped, domination and BSDM rules it here.
Tifatan X - Prologue

She was an extraordinary sight. The warmth of her seeped out from the watery portal through which she was being watched, by eyes unknown and faraway. Those eyes narrowed as the chill that covered them began to melt into something more carnal. The heat grew stronger as the image of the girl became clearer. Soon it was like watching a campfire come to life. Then the heat reached the smooth cheeks beneath those eyes, and it was like a furnace door easing open. Finally, it flared, then ebbed, the unmistakable tide of warmth that could only be a pulse. A heart was beating, quickly, intensely, to watch another heart in that image.

Tifa Lockheart.

The eyes that watched her sleep were sapphire pools, filled with awe for her proud body. Midgar lay around the girl in fathomless night, but the portal spanning a thousand dimensions refused to obscure any detail. Smooth, unblemished skin. A body hardened but sensually curved by many long treks, many fierce battles. Long brown hair that combed over to reveal more of her lovely face on one side, and gently cushion the other as she rested. Wide eyes, closed in sleep, wine-red and strong beneath soft lids. Long arms and legs that brushed together every so often, teasingly punctuated by a dozing coo from her pink lips. Blankets entangled about a body crafted to torment guilty dreams, fuel brooding fantasies. She was so blissfully unaware in her rest. Innocent, like a princess locked in a tower, awaiting her awakening kiss.

Mere thoughts could not encompass her beauty. Soon enough, though, the eyes watching Tifa accepted the heat- and began to burn in response.

This is Tifa Lockheart.

It was not the first time that the woman reclining on the magnificent red bed had watched her. Many times before, in fact, the same portal had been opened to light the dark, spectacular master bedroom. Sometimes it had been different...a city's lights instead of a bed, a fighting stance instead of languorous sleep, but the girl was always the same. The undefeatable, indomitable Tifa Lockheart, a hero such as a villain could only dream of contending with. Kind to her friends, defiant to her enemies, and never mindful of surrender. Her will and strength were formidable. Overpowering, sometimes, so much that those chilly eyes actually closed occasionally.

Through the portal, Tifa's eyelashes fluttered, soft lips pursing. So did the other woman's, in a perfect, shamelessly voyeuristic smirk. Oblivious temptation...was there any better kind?

I desire you, Tifa Lockheart.

"And so shall I have her," sighed the woman, her eyes swiveling lustfully to the other inhabitant of her bed. "Just as I now have you, my little Gullwing."

The girl dozing amidst those covers was a lovely contrast to the peacefully sleeping Tifa. Curtained in sweat, skin flushed red, and lungs exhausted beneath her heaving chest, she was a portrait of conquest to the eyes that now roamed her nude body. She had once been a proud member of the Gullwings, one of whom, Paine, already languished elsewhere in the palace, and before that a summoner, as brave and willful as the long-haired woman in the portal.

Now, though...well, thought her captor with a thirsty smile, now she was broken. It had taken no short amount of time, that long series of trials which finally shattered the will of Yuna of Spira, but it had succeeded.

And it had been well worth it. The darksome mistress shifted on the long bed, her scant black robe already slipping away to reveal tantalizing curves and swells, and prowled over her helpless captive, like a lioness over a fresh, wet kill.

"Yuna..." She pressed her palm to the girl's flushed face, drying the sweat on her brow, combing back her disheveled hair, tracing the outline of her pink lips. Yuna could only weakly turn her head from side to side, mere beginnings of words on her desperate breaths. Her captor slunk closer, casting her in shadow. A sleek thigh slid carefully between Yuna's splayed legs, hiking the cool sheet that covered the girl from belly to knee. A moment later, there was a touch, soft and warm...and Yuna cooed gently in her sleep, her rounded chest lifting high, almost touching the ample breasts of her ravisher's, hovering so close above them.

The woman's smile spread as she continued to toy with Yuna's body. "Another playmate for us," she purred, "won't that be nice? With a body like hers..." Her fingers traced a line down Yuna's smooth neck, briefly cupping her chin. "And with such fire in her spirit...it would be a victory to treasure forever. As it was with you, my Yuna." Her hand fell to Yuna's collar, fingers massaging the sweat into her bare skin. The Gullwing's head was starting to crane back, and as her mistress' thigh continued to work below, her fingers began to curl.

"But, I wonder," continued the woman, "will she break sooner than you did, Yuna? Or will she press on, until there is only she and I? My trials for her will be many..." A long pause, and then two fingers clasped together, curving down, gliding through the sweat...and circling up over one sweet breast. With a murr the woman took Yuna's stiff nipple into her hand, squeezing the nub tenderly, pressing it into the breast. Yuna gasped, eyes shut over hotly blushing cheeks. Her lover spread her palm over the creamy globe, squeezing, rolling, pressing, tingling with the feel of Yuna's pink nub blossoming to life against her palm.

Yuna's back arched gently, mouth spreading open in a low moan. "Aa...wh, what..."

"Shh..." Her captor sank leisurely to nestle against Yuna's side, hand still toying with her breast, thigh still rubbing carefully under the wrinkled sheet. The press of her naked body to Yuna's only further arched Yuna's back. Wild scarlet locks fell on Yuna's chest as her mistress dipped her head closer, and her lips brushed softly against the pocket of neck and shoulder. They parted only to take in a sensuous bite of Yuna's flesh, suckling at her neck. The Gullwing turned her head again, her huffs starting to blend with her moans into that wonderful, erotic pace that so pleased her captor. Her hand continued to knead that full, milky breast, coaxing the heat to rise within Yuna's body, until the Spiran girl's legs began to spread of their own accord.

"Mm...do you remember, Yuna?" she whispered between suckles. "It was such an adventure for you, going through all those arenas, fighting all those others who have come before you...those others who have succumbed to my magic, become my bondmaids." She arched her back, her supple curves molding to Yuna's. "You defeated so many, nearly freed them all from the bond that keeps them mine...I was impressed. And, for a moment, I feared I had met my equal in you. But even you had your limits, slave...like all the rest."

Her hand slipped away after another moan from Yuna, and she brought it slowly down the girl's smooth stomach, her finger pausing to toy with the deep press of Yuna's belly button. A pleading sigh was her reward. With a smirk, her mistress flattened her palm against Yuna's belly, caressing that sleek expanse of white skin for a moment...and then slid it beneath the sheet clinging moistly to it. Inch by inch her fingers crawled, pulling the sheet down to bare more of Yuna's voluptuous hips, until there was contact- warm, and wet...

Yuna's hands seized the blankets and curled them into fists. "O-oh...mmf..."

The red-haired woman was rewarded with the wet ache of Yuna's sex, drinking her fingers into its warmth. She closed her eyes and blew a shuddering breath against Yuna's neck, her knee rocking gently between the Gullwing's legs. It was so hard not to plunge her fingers in right away and turn her prize inside-out, but she was patient. Only through patience had she acquired so many women from so many other worlds, placed them under her spell, aligned the various portals of her carefully crafted palace to arenas and chambers of lust and heat. So she continued to test Yuna's womanhood, a long finger circling the moist labia, tracing her name over those hot folds.

"You lie so still, Yuna," she whispered, softly kissing the Spiran girl's cheek. "You want me to think you don't want this...but it's a little too late." She slowly clasped another finger to the one flicking a teasing inch from Yuna's clit, just enough to gather the heat there. "You're wet for me already. You know why you lost to me..." Pursing her lips, she drew herself closer, pressing the full, smooth front of her body against Yuna's soft curves, her magnificent breasts pushing with the arch of her back into Yuna's. Her captive's will was starting to crumble. Yuna was flushing from head to toe, her nipples stiff with arousal on her sleek breasts, the outlines of her legs beneath the rumpled sheet showing lewd motion. Only a little more...

The woman loomed over her closed face, then, her wild crimson hair falling into a curtain that joined her face with Yuna's in shadow. The darkness fixed her eyes into a seductive stare as she brought her mouth nearer, as though to sip from a water fountain. "You lost to me, Yuna," she murmured over the other girl's lips, "because you wanted to lose to me."

Slowly, Yuna's eyes creaked open. Blue and green eyes, weakened by sex and submission, pleaded up into hers. Even in conquest, Yuna was fighting, just not as literal now- she was fighting the desire, as clear as her beautiful eyes, to surrender totally. Her captor enjoyed that, and rewarded her with another hot press of her voluptuous body to Yuna's. A rounded thigh coaxed Yuna's legs further apart. The Gullwing swallowed, trying not to let the sweet breath creeping into her mouth weaken her.

"Please..." Yuna whispered, "don't do this to her...I'll do anything, if you j-just stop..."

Her captor smirked, her skilled fingers tracing Yuna's folds. "Oh?"

"I'll...do anything...just," Yuna gasped, rocking her head back against the mattress in barely restrained euphoria. "Oh, g...Paine...th-the others...let them go...do anything if you'll just...let...aah..."

"Isn't this sweet..." her mistress giggled. "My little slave still thinks she's the hero she used to be...I guess she needs a reminder of what she is now."

The last was only a faint whisper, and then her lover tilted her head, closed her eyes, and leaned in. She let Yuna turn her head, let her moan in protest, but it was all too much. The intimate embrace of her mistress, the closing space between their lips...the fondling of her hot sex below- too much, even for Yuna. The young adventurer's writhing became even slower, less insistent. Her head gently tilted, no longer trying to turn away, her eyes narrowing...but not in defiance, no. Her supple body began to relax. Her breasts rose with stiffened nipples. Her legs slunk apart, but not of her mistress' doing. And, most telling of all, her hips began to lift, with all the strength she had left, to quietly push against the other woman's waiting palm.

The darksome woman cooed over Yuna's lips- and more of her hypnotic breath, vanquisher of so many others, swam into the Gullwing's mouth. "Who do you belong to...?"

"S...Siren," Yuna moaned, spreading her arms high over her head. "Siren, I belong to Mistress Siren..."

Siren smiled, and claimed Yuna's panting mouth with a long, wet kiss. Down the line from moaning lips to swelling breasts to smooth belly to the soaking heat that lay blanketed below, her fingers joined, massaging Yuna's waiting sex...and then, with a swirling plunge, she took her lover.

I am Siren Red. And this will be you, Tifa Lockheart.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tifa had originally been uncertain about Cloud just up and buying Shinra's retreat in Costa Del Sol, but apparently she'd underestimated the value of some of the materia they were carrying around. She definitely had to listen to Yuffie's rants more often. She shot the still-sleeping materia hunter in the other bed a smile as she rose from her own, stretching from one of the best nights of rest she'd had in a while. She reminded herself to thank Cloud- with Costa Del Sol's sunny climate and soothing atmosphere, this was definitely the best investment they'd made since that lucky chocobo down at the Gold Saucer.

She sat on the edge of her bed, noting it was already 6:30- the others wouldn't be up for a while (well, maybe Vincent, wherever he was), and she didn't want to break her routine early-morning warmup. She sighed ruefully at having to leave this warm, soft bed that would probably fit her and the average pack of Nibel wolves, but she'd been taking it way too easy the last few days. Already her muscles were a bit sore, and her chest felt a little funny when she tried to lift her arms. With the stuff Cloud and the others had lying ahead of them, she didn't want to be a burden- and if that meant glaring sleepily at a digital clock every morning, so be it.

Good for your figure, anyway, she thought with a yawn. At least she wasn't putting on a belly or anything- her outfit, no matter what Cid muttered, was made for ease of movement and nothing else (not since she'd lost the bar, at least).

Tifa got up, made her bed, and showered as quietly as she could, though even with that extra effort to keep Yuffie from waking up she finished quickly. She shot the dozing ninja another smile as she stepped out of the shower and moved to the bedside cabinet. It looked like Yuffie was fast asleep, the touch of a minkish smirk on her face making Tifa wonder if her dreams were filled with materia- and on that note, Tifa made sure to grab hers out of the cabinet as she dressed for the morning workout. Not that she expected to run into any monsters in Costa del Sol, but she was used to fighting with it.

Finally, with her best glove on one arm and her bangle on the other, and her usual snug outfit slipped on, Tifa was ready to start. It was funny, though, that was the gentlest, quietest blow-dry she'd ever had. Guess even the shower pays for itself she added. Not bad, Cloud...

She couldn't help tossing a look over her shoulder as she left the bedroom, smiling softly at the stairs that led up to the guys' bunks. “Sleep easy, Cloud,” she whispered. And she meant it. He needed it the most, after everything they'd been through...and everything they were going to face next.

Now, she decided, down to business. Tifa's regimen was pretty set by now; a good warm-up stretch, a hard jog, and then the fun stuff, like maybe possibly five hundred situps. Resigned to the fact that her back was never going to forgive her, she came to the front door and took the knob, opening it...

...and then something wrenched her through it.


She gasped, and for that precious moment was left vulnerable to some unseen force taking hold of her. It felt like a huge wave of pressure came up on her from behind, but she also felt something pulling her forward, as though she were a piece of metal before a giant magnet. And just as that moment of confusion cleared and her feet left the ground, Tifa realized she'd seen nothing on the other side of that door when it opened...not the familiar warmth of the Costa del Sol morning, not the rush of the ocean, nothing but...

Red...red mist, all around me...

No...it can't be...!?

With that realization came a quiet tremor of fear inside her heart, but before she could even make anything more of it, Tifa felt the pressure disappear. Suddenly she was falling, dropping fast- but only a few feet, before her soles hit the ground and her legs braced by instinct. She still staggered a bit, though, but on that same instinct used it to bring her arms up, taking a stance as she threw her hair from her eyes with a flick of her head. The red mists were clearing, and the air felt cold...too cold. Heart pounding from the surprise, Tifa clenched her fists. If it was...if it was him, again-

“Sephiroth...” she growled. “Sephiroth! If you're here, show yourself!”

Her voice didn't carry as much authority as she would have liked, but she soon saw that it didn't matter. The mists cleared...and there was no danger. No smirking, silver-haired murderer to greet her, no monsters, no threats. Instead, she found...

Tifa blinked, once, twice. “What...?”

She was in a palace.

That was what it looked like, at least. A finely woven carpet lay at her feet, rolling up a huge chamber in a purple strip over pearl tiles that stretched to high walls, gleaming with thousands of red gems, which looked like rubies and garnets. There were pillars, and faceless statues, and trickling fountains, and lit candles, and all of them decorated with the same luscious red tint in some way, but the more Tifa took in, the less doubt she had. It was the front hall of a great palace, like the kind she'd heard of in fairy tales.

Something stopped her from being awestruck at its beauty, though. At the end of the carpet she stood on, just a few yards from where she stood, was an ornately carved door...but when she turned around, she saw nothing. There was only that one door. There were no windows, no hatches, no other openings of any kinds.

If she hadn't already been through so much, Tifa would never have had this suspicion, but there it was. If this wasn't an illusion, then it meant she'd been...spirited away. Teleported, or summoned, or called in some way, but she had definitely been transported right out of Costa del Sol.

It took her a moment to quell the countless concerns and urges welling inside her (if the others woke up to the same thing...!), but she did. Tifa told herself it was useless to panic, it was better to keep a cool head...just about everything she had said to herself during that long search inside Cloud's mind, as a matter of fact. Thinking of that time with him, what he would do in her situation- just him in generally- kept her calm. She resolved to channel her panic into fighting spirit instead, if it had to come to that. Somehow, she imagined it would...

When it became clear she was alone, Tifa straightened up, looking around her carefully. “...Hello?”

Even as a whisper, her voice carried far. The water dripping meekly in the fountains was the only other sound she heard. She craned her head up to look at the ceiling. Weird...she couldn't see one. If there was a roof to this place, the ceiling must have been pretty high up.

Then she heard it.

Welcome, Tifa Lockheart.

She stood still for a long moment, her stomach tying itself into knots. It was a woman's voice...and like the carpet before her, it was young, and soft, and silky. Tifa initially looked out of the corner of her eye at the voice, but saw nothing. Soon, though, she...felt something, a presence nearby. Trying to describe the sensation to herself made her mind reel, and she had to tense her calves to stay steady. She felt. That was it, really. It was something she knew by association rather than actual contact, something like...heat, and drowsiness, and breathlessness, and other sensations that left her without words. She had never heard this voice before, but it reached out to her, brushed at her senses, so she still felt as though she knew it...

She realized she was holding her breath. She let it out, slowly. “...Who are you?”

No shock to hear my voice? it asked her. You are a brave one...and I always have enjoyed breaking the bravest of you.

The little threat there didn't sneak by her. Frowning slightly, Tifa brought her fists just an inch up from her hips. “Who are you,” she repeated, “and what are you talking about? Where am I?”

You're in my castle, Tifa, the woman's voice cooed luxuriously. A wonderful castle, the festivities of which are just about to begin. And I have chosen you, my beloved, as the warrior who will brave them. Through my deepest, loveliest magic I have summoned you here, and only you, to undergo the trials I have so tenderly prepared for you. The tone of her voice gave Tifa the impression of a woman rolling back on soft cushions with unabashed comfort. A test of your...womanhood.

Tifa blinked at that word, and her fists suddenly loosened. “Womanhood?”

She heard a distant, rippling giggle. Yes, your womanhood. I've watched you for a long time, Tifa...so long it might scare you, and while I have confidence in your fighting ability, I'm curious about...other things.

It took that whole, sultry whisper to do it, but a hot blush finally arrived on Tifa's cheeks, and her eyes went wide. “You...you brought me to this weird place just to-”

Find out firsthand if you're a girl or a woman? She heard the giggle again. Yes, I did. Because I want you, Tifa Lockheart.

“You...” She wondered whether it was the shock, the embarrassment, or the indignation that got to her first. Whatever it was, though, had Tifa throw her hands to her side, glaring off into the ceiling above her. “You've got to be kidding me! You're not seriously...w-why?!”

Oh, come off it, the voice said, with a clearly audible sniff. Do you find it hard to believe, that a woman such as I may find you appealing? Have fantasies about you? Well, I have. I have for a long time, and now I have decided to act on them. Certainly you, of all women, cannot find it so strange when one acts on her desires. You are going to show me what kind of woman you really are, Tifa Lockheart.

“Who are you?” Tifa demanded, trying not to shiver in...in whatever, she couldn't believe this! “Am I dreaming this, or are you really this- I just can't- who are you?! Tell me who...”

She trailed off. Her head...felt strange. She touched her temple, eyes starting to flutter. “Wh...what?”


Despite the rage she'd been about to fly into, Tifa suddenly couldn't help but acquiesce to that gentle whisper. She sank down to one knee, a low, breathy moan moving up her throat. She closed her eyes, vaguely aware of a fear inside her, an instinct warning her that something was terribly wrong. But right now, it...really didn't matter to her, did it? Tifa swayed, placing a hand on the carpet for support. As she moved out her arm, though, a cool pang spread through her stomach. Her body tried to warm itself with a flush of its own, and it left her feeling even stranger. She swallowed, mouth suddenly dry, her mind swimming in darkness. Her hand rolled on the carpet a bit, taking a little fistful. Her toes curled inside her boots, and her smooth knees trembled. She really shouldn't have dressed so light, should she...

No...that wasn't a bad thing. It was a good thing. Her head eased to her side, her long brown locks spilling over her shoulders, bare save for those two, thin straps of her top and the black suspenders of her skirt, both clinging so snugly to her. Her whole shirt was snug, really, she was noticing now. Warm, though tight, and a bit small, and it left a lot of skin exposed. That was all right, though. Her lips twitched with a strange, disquieting smile. Yes, it was all right.

Besides...if she didn't like the tightness or something, she could take the suspenders off anytime she wanted. Even now. It would be easy. She could just cross her arms slowly over her chest, and make an “X” there, so that her hands fell on either shoulder. Then, she could hook a thumb under each suspender. She could pull, gently...let them slide down her toned arms, and come to rest at her sides, so that she was just kneeling there in her white top, stretched over her full, heaving breasts, and...and she didn't have to stop there, really. No one was there, right? No one was...


Tifa came back into reality with a hoarse gasp, lungs suddenly begging for air. She blinked widely, feeling her body tense up with alarm. She looked down...and was left gaping, silently.

She'd taken off her suspenders.

Mmhmm, lovely, came the voice again, with that mocking sweetness. You don't have to pretend otherwise, Tifa...I can feel it stirring you. Do you know what that is? It's my song. I have sung it for years, to many different people, in many different worlds and times.

I am Siren Red, Tifa Lockheart, and tonight, I sing for you.

Blushing furiously, cursing mentally, Tifa came to her feet, adjusting her suspenders and swearing she was going to break something. “I don't know what kind of sick game you're running,” she said, “but I'm not interested, and the others need me! If you don't want me to break everything in your castle, you'd better send me back!”

Hee. Siren Red's voice segued into another giggle. So considerate, even of those who comb your body with gazes almost as lustful as mine. I definitely did not make a mistake, selecting you over your dear, peacefully dreaming friend...but if you insist, I could put you back where I found you and bring her instead.

Tifa froze. “What...?”

I wonder...might she succumb more easily? She is younger than you, so fragile, so inexperienced...

She shut her eyes, biting back a swear. “Yuffie...!”

Don't worry, Tifa. You can finish your journey without her, and of course, she wouldn't miss her home so badly... Siren Red dropped her voice to a whisper. For once in my bed, no one does.

Tifa stopped her, or hoped she did, with an upraised fist. “You...don't touch her,” she said, shakily. “If it's me you want...then, fine, you've got me. Just don't touch her. Leave Yuffie alone.”

That's better.

“And you're going to get a lot more than you can handle,” Tifa vowed, seething.

Mmm, promises, promises... The candles of the front hall flared in unison. You've made me so happy, Tifa. Well then. Let me explain the rules.

The sensation Tifa was feeling seemed to direct her attention forward. Reluctantly, she did, all the while trembling in disbelief...and what Siren Red told her only caused her to flush even more.

My palace has a different take on certain silly things like time and space than your world is accustomed to. That door before you is the first of a potentially very long series to the final one...my own. You will pass through many rooms, many places, and in each of them, meet another of my bondmaids. I assure you, they are just as...eager...to meet the legendary Tifa Lockheart as I am. Unlike me, though, they cannot restrain themselves at a glance. And you are such a tempting sight. “Combat” with them may not be as straightforward as you're used to. In fact, I would count on it. Be prepared, Tifa. If you aren't careful, you may fall well before you reach my chambers. If you should reach your breaking point, however, don't worry...all you have to do is surrender to me.

Tifa tried to busy herself by looking over her materia, flexing her muscles, doing anything to convince herself she wasn't helpless and that this woman would regret messing with her. Still, the flush on her cheeks would not fade. “What do you mean by 'bondmaids'?” she asked.

Just that. They are my bondmaids. My disciples. My slaves. They have already fallen to my spell, danced to my song...and, for the most part, shared my bed. And the only way you can make them stop hearing the song is by singing your own...

“You sick...”

Actually, I've kept myself in excellent shape, Tifa. And I'm wearing something really sexy. I can't wait to show you.

Tifa threw up her hands. “I don't believe this! This is way too weird! How do I know this isn't another of Sephiroth's tricks?” She paused at a stray thought, then frowned even more deeply. “How do I know you're not Sephiroth?”

Because you don't have six feet of steel sticking out of your sternum by now.

It was a cold, horrible thing to say. She knew that was exactly why Siren Red had said it. Knowing that didn't stop Tifa from going dead silent, hanging her head, and having to close her eyes to fight the tears back.

Oh...I'm sorry, Tifa. Me and my big mouth. Do you need a hug?

“You...” Tifa rasped, turning her head up with a frosty glare. “You just made it personal.”

Mm, much better. It would disappoint me to see you cry so easily, and I want the pleasure of drying your tears myself. So. Shall we begin, my beloved Tifa? My slaves against your womanhood. Your prize is freedom, and my prize...is you.

Drawing in a deep breath, Tifa strode forward. “Don't count on it,” she said, feeling the strength of determination for the first time since she'd found herself here. “I'm going to take you down, Siren Red, and your slaves are going free. And for what you've done, for what you've said...I'm going to make sure you do all the crying tonight.”

She expected a taunt, but as she came to the door, Tifa heard nothing more than a last whisper of farewell:

I'll be waiting.

Tifa felt the presence of Siren Red move on, and sighed, shaking. “Cloud...everyone,” she said softly, “wait for me. I'll be home soon.”

With that last, desperate hope, Tifa turned the knob on the door, and stepped through.

For better or worse, her test had begun.

Chapter 2: The Carnal Pool

Siren Red watched with great interest as the lovely young fighter opened the first door. With a simple turn of the knob, Tifa had been ensnared in the malicious queen’s trap from here onward. Wasting no time, the sexy seductress used her telepathy to order her first warrior to engage Tifa at her location.

‘Ah, yes, she should serve as a good warm-up for our newest guest.’ Siren thought. ‘Although she isn’t completely under my control, I’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone when I have them fight each other under that room.’ With that last thought, the red haired temptress grinned with anticipation and lust, softly brushing a free hand around her constrained breast.

Wasting no more time, Tifa entered the next room, with a heightened desire to overcome her latest ordeal as quickly as possible. She tried to block out her captor’s foreboding words, along with the newfound emotions she had grown just a few minutes ago. She wasn’t going to give in to some perverted bitch or her legion of puppets. She was ready to prove that she wasn’t some helpless girl who could be taken advantage of.

Before she could fully examine the next room, the large doors behind her shut, causing the surprised fighter to turn around. A brief locking noise echoed around the room while she adjusted her eyes to the sudden darkness. ‘This is it,’ she thought calmly. ‘No turning back until I beat her.’

When she turned around again, Tifa was surprised to see that she wasn’t alone; another person was standing tall in the center of the room. While it was still too dark, some light began to pour through the stained glass windows to illuminate the other occupant. Tifa could see it was a woman, based on her various curves. But the way those curves stood out brought forth some surprise from the brunette beauty. ‘Is she…naked!?’ Tifa thought.

As she stepped closer, taking in more light to adjust her eyes, it turned out the other woman wasn’t nude, but was instead wearing a very tight outfit. The woman was a few years older than Tifa, evidenced by her fuller hips and face, and her outfit consisted of a tight red bodysuit. ‘Tight’ was an understatement, however, as all her lady parts were so immodestly exposed, she could very well be wearing body paint. Her tight, athletic stomach was fully visible, navel and all, and her breasts stood fully round and heaving, with a pair of erect nipples almost bursting through the thin fabric. Tifa couldn’t help but stare even further; those breasts were enormous! While she wasn’t oblivious to her own generous endowment, the woman standing before Tifa stood with proportions that were nearly impossible to carry, considering how thin the rest of her body was.

And yet, the astonished brunette couldn’t take her eyes off her opponent’s melons. Even though the woman was standing completely still, her breasts swayed slightly with just the smallest intake of breathing. Tifa’s face began to grow hotter as she continued to stare at the cherry red nipples, standing proudly with an almost inviting allure. Quickly, Tifa forced her eyes away from the tempting tits, and to her opponent’s face.

The woman stared at Tifa with focused eyes, purple streaks painted around her eyelashes. Her hair was black and tied into a ponytail. Although she wasn’t intimidated by her opponent’s stare, Tifa was still sweating uncomfortably. Focusing on the woman’s face hadn’t helped to control the building lust within her; by having a complete picture of her body, Tifa only felt further turned on.

‘I don’t get it!’ Tifa thought to herself. ‘I’ve seen plenty of voluptuous women like her before. I always thought they were pretty, but I’ve never been attracted to them! Is that Siren’s Song really that powerful?’

Then it occurred to her; could the Song work both ways? Could the other woman in the room be suffering the same effects? The young martial artist looked at her opponent, scanning her face for any signs of discomfort, but could find none. Either she had great self control, or the spell only affected Tifa. And the spell was becoming stronger by the second, as the horny fighter had a growing desire to taste the other woman’s ruby red lips with her own.

Suddenly, as if on cue, the spandex-clad woman began to walk toward Tifa, her incredibly large breasts bouncing up and down hypnotically. As the busty mystery girl moved closer and closer, Tifa could feel a tightness growing around her own chest, her nipples becoming sore. She could feel a dripping wetness trailing down her bare legs; in response, Tifa tried to cross her legs together, cursing herself for wearing a miniskirt.

Distracted by her current discomfort, the young fighter failed to notice that her black haired opponent was now standing eye to eye with her, her milky white face just inches away from her own. Tifa could feel her face growing red, while her opponent still carried the same unchanging expression. Slowly, the black haired woman moved her face forward, as if to tempt Tifa with those sparkling lips. The struggling brunette tried to shut her eyes and turn her face away, but the allure of the Song was too much for her; instead, she found her own face moving closer. As the two women were but a kiss apart from each other, the tips of their nipples lightly brushing together, the alluring silence was broken.

“You have to fight me.” Spoke the spandex-clad woman. Tifa pulled her lips back, staring at the woman with confusion. “It’s the only way to resist the spell.” She continued, whispering softly but strongly.

“Who are you?” Tifa asked.

“I am Taki, a ninja of the Fu-Ma clan.” The woman spoke. “I was brought to this place just like you, and have fought the other women enslaved by that witch. My honor has been shamed many times since I’ve come here, and I’ve learned the only way to resist is to fight. You must fight me with all your might or we will eventually succumb to that insidious Song. Do you understand?”

Tifa nodded silently, in full accordance with Taki’s strategy. If they both fought to the fullest of their abilities, they would be too tired to give in to their burning desires.

“Then fight me, quickly.” Taki whispered again. “Your beauty is intoxicating, and I must rid myself of these thoughts before I dishonor my clan again! Prepare!”

Immediately, both women stepped a few feet back, ready to battle. Tifa shifted into her basic fighting stance, her fists clenched and her feet properly aligned, while Taki assumed a ninja stance, bringing out two small swords in each hand. The two women looked at each other, no longer with lust, but with determination. The only thought plaguing the two beauties was the thrill of battle. After a few moments, both women charged toward each other, ready to fight.

“How boring.” mused Siren Red, who viewed the events from her secluded chambers. “I knew Taki would suggest this barbaric strategy to resist my wondrous Song. It’s a good thing I chose that they fight in that room. Now the real fun begins.” With a simple motion of her hand, Siren Red executed her plan to bring both women under her control.

Both women stopped dead in their tracks as the entire room began to shake furiously. Tifa wondered if the castle was about to collapse, and looked frantically around. It only took a few seconds to realize that the tremors were coming from beneath them. Looking down, the two black haired women gasped as the stone floor began to open up! Wasting no time, Taki and Tifa tried to dash toward the closest door, as the floors beneath them began to vanish completely. But then the floorboards surrounding the door gave way, making escape impossible. As a last ditch effort, both girls pressed themselves to the furthest corners of the room, looking downward at their inevitable fate. Tifa peered downward, noticing that something awaited them once they fell. She gasped in shock.

There was a pool of some sort, wide enough to take up the whole castle floor, around two stories below them. While it appeared that the pool would be large enough to cushion her fall, the liquid wasn’t typical water. It was thick and green-colored, with large bubbles oozing around. It was almost like a slime pit, and it seemed alive. Tifa began to panic again, wondering if it was some sort of living creature waiting to devour them both.

Soon the remaining floor disappeared, and the lovely fighter and ninja fell to their newest fate, screaming as they braced for a potentially fatal impact. Both girls crashed into the auspicious liquid, resulting in a huge splash.

For a moment, there was silence. Both women remained fully submerged in the green slime, with no signs of emerging. The only movements were the gluttonous oozing and popping of the bubbles surrounding the slime pool. Then, as if on cue, the entire pit began to stir, the bubbles increasing in volume. With a sudden splash, both Tifa and Taki burst through the slimy pool, gasping loudly as they filled their lungs with air. Those gasps for life soon turned into loud, sensual moans.

Tifa arched her back as she stood covered completely in slime, from head to toe. The slime was waist deep, covering everything from below her belly, while the rest of her was almost obscured by the green ooze. Tifa shut her eyes tightly as she continued squirming and moaning uncontrollably. At first she thought she was in pain from the fall, but she soon realized what this sensation was. Lust; uncontrollable, passionate lust that was driving her insane. As the black haired beauty struggled with this newest torment, she weakly opened a single eye to check on Taki.

The busty ninja was lying on all fours, sinking deeper into the green slime than Tifa. Her round, tightly constrained butt was bobbing up and down, as the kunoichi tossed her hair around wildly, exhibiting the same indescribable passion that Tifa was.

‘It has to be this slime!’ Tifa thought, her concentration wavering quickly. ‘It’s like a pheromone or something, and it’s taking over my whole body! I have to get away!’ But it was no use, as the slime was too thick for her to maneuver fast enough. And her body felt like it weighed a ton, especially her chest. Her breasts were burning from the sticky liquid that coated her tank top, and her nipples grew sore from the stinging fabric. The pain, as pleasurable as it felt, was too much for her. As much as she struggled to resist Siren Red’s hypnotic music, the slime that coated her body felt ten times more potent. The ooze enveloping her lower half rubbed and squirmed against her legs, making her pussy burn. She needed relief, and fast.

Tifa moved her slimy hands into her sticky top, rubbing her sensitive breasts furiously. The pleasure from this was outstanding, but it wasn’t enough. Clenching the white fabric tightly around her fingers, Tifa screamed in passion as she deftly tore her white tank top to shreds, freeing her gorgeous tits from their confined prison. The sticky, round globes bounced in appreciation, growing more sensitive from the combination of the cold air and the dripping slime.

“Delicious.” Siren Red grinned, as she focused on Tifa’s exposed body. “Even more scrumptious than I imagined.” The sultry mistress grinned maliciously as she crossed her legs, studying her captive’s nude, slimy body with great intensity. Unlike Taki, Tifa’s body was not weighed down by her large, full breasts. They were indeed incredible in their size and roundness, but her fit stomach and torso were proportionate enough to carry the heavy endowment with little effort. The young girl’s lustful expression drove Siren Red to new heights of excitement, as she grew amused by Tifa’s blushing cheeks and frightened eyes. She was like a young woman who had just begun to experience the pleasures of sex and ecstasy.

“Enjoy the pleasure you are about to receive…” Siren Red spoke. “But this will just be the beginning of your sexual awakening. If you can withstand the power of my carnal pool, you will be that much closer to becoming my slave.”

Even though she was now topless, Tifa’s chest still burned with desire. The slime that coated her sent thousands of volts across her body, causing her to buck and squirm underneath the moving slush, as if she was grinding herself in an attempt to orgasm.
She felt like she could cum easily just from the friction, but no matter how wonderful she felt, it wasn’t enough. What her body yearned for was the touch of another warm being. Anyone would do. That’s when she remembered…

She looked across the pool at Taki, who was still on all fours, moaning loudly as her face hovered above the slime pit. The kunoichi stared back at Tifa, the look on her eyes signaling what both women desired, above anything else. Deftly, Taki lifted her heavy body upwards, away from the slime. Her enormous breasts were even more coated than Tifa’s, and her skin-tight spandex was now completely see-through, her blood-red nipples almost tearing out of the flimsy fabric. Struggling with every motion, Taki brought her hands close to her face, and extended her fingers. She then put her fingers together, making what Tifa recognized as a ninja hand-sign. Suddenly a small puff of smoke surrounded the chanting ninja, and once the smoke cleared, Tifa was amazed to see that Taki now stood completely nude. Her bodysuit had vanished completely, and all that remained was a gorgeous, glistening body that begged for Tifa’s attention.

The young fighter couldn’t resist anymore. Saliva dripped from the side of her mouth, and her body grew hotter and hotter. She felt like she would go insane if she couldn’t experience the touch of another person, even if it was another woman. She sloshed toward Taki, each step becoming harder and harder as the slime cemented her legs. Her breathing grew more erratic as she drew closer and closer to the naked kunoichi.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t take it anymore!” Tifa muttered in-between heavy breaths. She was but inches away from contact.

“Forsake everything, for this is our fate!” Taki responded, her breathing also growing erratic. “My honor is meaningless now! Take me, please! Make love to me!!”

Both women let out a lustful cry as they nearly collided into each other, wrapping their slimy arms around their slender waists. Tifa and Taki screamed into each other’s mouths, kissing and tasting one another’s lips with incredible passion, their big tits pounding together. The immediate contact of their slippery bodies was blissfully dangerous. Tifa felt like she was going to melt away; her body shuddered in pleasure with every ministration from her kunoichi lover. Her tongue danced wildly in Tifa’s mouth, while her fingernails lightly brushed against her chocolate-brown hair. Particularly pleasurable was the grinding of their breasts, as Taki’s huge melons jiggled into her own hefty pair, their erect nipples bonding together from the slime.

But nothing could describe the sensation coursing through Tifa’s lower half, as her pussy benefited from the double treatment of Taki’s hairy midriff grinding into her own, and the thick pulsating ooze that humped into both of them.

It was barely a minute since both victimized girls gave into their newfound lesbian desires, yet it was enough time to give them both the greatest amount of sexual joy they had ever experienced. The two busty beauties disengaged from their kissing to bellow out an unrestrained scream, as they both experienced their first climax since they fell into the pit. In response, the bubbles oozing around them began to increase in speed and noise, echoing the room in tune with their orgasmic screams. But even as the orgasm faded, Tifa’s lust did not; in fact, her sexual desires only increased, causing small tears to escape the horny fighter. Her stamina did not deplete, as she felt more than eager to experience even more pleasure from the kunoichi. With a lusting howl, Tifa hugged Taki’s naked back even tighter, resting her face into the ninja’s shoulder, as she hungrily licked Taki’s neck like a pussycat, while her hands dipped into the thick slime and began to grasp the ninja’s shapely ass. She was almost ashamed at her behavior, but she was far too horny to care.

The kunoichi returned Tifa’s continuing lust with a wild moan of her own, as she quickly but gently pushed the martial artist away from her neck, and brought her face to face. Before Tifa could protest, Taki lowered her face and began to deftly lick the brunette’s slimy right nipple. Tifa shuddered at the cold lips pressing into her sore mammary gland, causing her other breast to bounce wildly. But no matter how wildly she jerked, Taki’s mouth never left its sensitive target.

The kunochi’s frantic liking of her slimy boob sent Tifa into yet another level of pleasure, to the point that the euphoric brunette could no longer keep her balance. Slowly, Tifa fell backwards into the oozing slime, almost completely submerging her body into the gooey, pleasurable substance. Taki’s mouth was separated from her tasty treat, causing the kunoichi to look down at her fainting lover, who would’ve sunk completely into the slime, but it seems the pit was shallow enough to keep her face afloat, as well as parts of her torso. Her beautiful tits bobbed lovingly above the green goop, begging for further treatment. Taki obliged with a lustful grin, and sank into the green abyss with Tifa, resting her equally huge boobs atop Tifa’s. Both girls squealed lovingly as their glistening globes pressed together, and Taki responded by grinding her body up and down, causing the entwined tits to rub against each other. Tifa responded with louder moans, blissful tears streaming down her face and mixing with the slime that cushioned her back, extending to her long black hair, her arms, and even her ears. The two girls didn’t even have their pussies together, nor was it necessary; the grinding of their soaked boobs and the stirring of the green muck between their thighs was enough to bring them into another mind-blowing orgasm. But before she would wait for her recent orgasm to subside, Tifa wrapped her sticky arms around the sexy ninja’s bare back, bringing both girls into another deep, tongue-lashing kiss.

The two gorgeous, gooey women pressed their bodies together as tightly as possible, as if they were trying to meld into one person. Their arms hugged lovingly, their hips grinded mercilessly, their breasts suffocated tightly, and their tongues muffled their blissful screams. They had forgotten all events prior to their lovemaking, and didn’t care about what lied ahead. Tifa was truly lost in her pleasure, content at staying this way forever in this pit of euphoria. The slime had almost coated both girls completely, swallowing their lower halves and moving its way up past their mashed breasts. The more their bodies became immersed, the more orgasms they felt, so they only welcomed the hungry ooze to overtake their bodies.

That’s when Tifa’s first reasonable thought broke through, almost bringing her back to reality. Her eyes opened in the realization that this was just a trap by Siren Red to enslave her sexually. She knew that as incredible as this experience was, it would only end in disaster if she stayed any longer. She looked across the pit and noticed that the green goop stopped near an edge, with a stone floor extending past it. That was her destination. Using her remaining stamina, Tifa focused her energy into her right hand, while keeping her left hand wrapped around Taki’s back. It was difficult to concentrate, due to the continuing pleasure from the slime covering her body, along with Taki’s non-stop grinding of their thighs, but the brunette martial artist was able to concentrate just enough to gather the necessary energy in her fist. As her right hand glowed with the power of her Final Heaven, Tifa lowered her right hand into the green slime. With a final push, she unleashed all her power, causing a huge splash that reverberated throughout the pit, and propelling both Taki and herself into the air with a violent force. Shifting her weight in midair, the two entwined beauties were able to land on the stone floor, just past the pleasurable pit that nearly consumed them both.

Tifa rested her back on the stone floor, breathing heavily from exhaustion. Her body was nude and sticky from the green aphrodisiac and perspiration. It took a good fifteen minutes before she could move at all; after that time, the panting brunette sat up and slowly tried to brush off the drops of ooze covering her hair, face, and breasts. As she continued cleaning herself, she looked behind her at Taki’s unconscious form. She breathed peacefully, clearly as tired as Tifa was, but she still managed to look incredibly sexy as her enormous tits rose and fell with each breath.

Then, a recent urge overtook Tifa’s body once again. She gritted her teeth as her body burned once again with lust. Although the feeling wasn’t as fatally intense as it was in the slime pit, Tifa still couldn’t stand the horny thoughts that tortured her. She dared not turn around to face Taki again, as she was ashamed enough for using the ninja girl as a tool for her disgusting desires. Instead, Tifa cupped her heavy breasts with one hand, while stroking her still-dripping pussy with the other. She moaned intently as she continued working both her hands, the heat building up inside her. But no matter how fast or tenderly she manipulated her body, she couldn’t reach orgasm. There was always a limit on the pleasure she received, and she desired to break down the proverbial wall that kept her from cumming.

Before she could question this any further, a familiar pair of long-nailed hands wrapped themselves around Tifa’s slimy bust, elapsing a surprised squeal from the young fighter. She turned her head to the right, staring at Taki’s slime-covered face, her eyes as serious as they were when they first met.

“You cannot relieve yourself with your own hands.” The groping kunoichi spoke softly. “That is part of that witch’s spell. No matter how much you try, it is impossible to reach an orgasm unless it is by the contact of another.”

Tifa’s eyes widened by this information. At last, she understood how Siren Red managed to enslave women as powerful as Taki. Even she was aware how torturous the inability to relieve herself could be, never mind the increase of her sexual appetite due to the Song.

“As a reward for saving me, I will help you to put out that fire, until you feel ready to move on.” Taki continued, a hint of lust dripping in her voice. “And also, my body needs your assistance as well.”

“This is…too cruel.” Tifa softly whispered. “What this woman is doing is horrible.”

“Shh…” Taki responded, slowly moving her face toward Tifa’s. “Do not resist, it will only make things worse. Take care of your needs now, and you may be strong enough to overthrow her afterward.” With that, the two black haired women moaned into each other’s mouths, taking in the nectar of their lapping tongues.

An hour had come and gone, and the room did not grow any less silent from the combined screams of sex and pleasure that surrounded it. Tifa and Taki faced one another, arching their bare backs in pure bliss as they worked on their entwined legs, grinding their sore pussies together, which still gushed with ecstasy despite the repeated orgasms from prior. The green ooze that nearly enslaved them continued to bob and stir with each scream and moan, as if it desired to molest the two beauties once again.

Tifa pushed even harder, her sweaty breasts jutting in the air as another orgasm electrocuted her body. As the last bits of her orgasms subsided, Tifa passed out into the floor, gasping once again for air. After a couple of minutes, both girls stood up, facing one another. Tifa eyed the sexy kunoichi, continuously amazed at her incredible figure, but she noticed that she didn’t feel the same uncontrollable lust from before.

“I think it wore off.” Tifa spoke with an air of caution.

“Yes.” Taki responded. “It seems that woman has relinquished that dreadful Song for now.”

“But why?”

“Perhaps she has more challenges for you up ahead.” Tifa lowered her head slightly, unsure that she was ready for what lied ahead. Taki nearly brought her to an orgasmic defeat, and she was on her side to begin with. How could she possibly withstand another opponent who is fully under Siren Red’s control? And how long would she be able to maintain her free will?

But right now, the young fighter was met with a greater concern; her clothes had been completely lost during her encounter in the slime pit. The voluptuous beauty stood completely nude with no garments of any kind, not even her gloves or her materia.

“Do not worry.” Taki spoke, as if she was reading Tifa’s mind. “You may use my clothing to proceed forward.” The kunoichi pointed downward near Tifa’s feet. Looking downward, she spotted Taki’s skintight outfit, neatly folded on the stone floor, slightly covered with the green ooze.

“But why?” Tifa asked.

“I can tell you possess great skill and power.” The busty ninja responded. “And you are still pure in your carnal desires. You may be strong enough to reach the top and defeat that witch.”

Tifa nodded, and took up Taki’s generous offer. She slowly put on the red spandex, one foot at a time. The cloth bonded tightly to her thighs, almost uncomfortably at first, but the fabric was very smooth. She then covered her arms, and her stomach, then pulled the outfit up to her breasts. Her chest grew very tight, as the jumpsuit cling unto her tits as if it was groping her. Her face grew red, either from lack of air or a sudden jolt of pleasure, but soon turned normal again as the fabric bonded perfectly with her skin.

Taki was almost speechless, staring at her ally’s new attire. The spandex complemented Tifa’s body perfectly, like body paint. Her hips, legs, and breasts were fully visible; although Taki’s breasts were a bit rounder and sagged slightly more, Tifa’s pair stood proudly supported by her slightly more defined muscle tone. And her cute dolphin-styled hair draped lovingly on her back, almost covering up her tight backside. The kunoichi blushed with envy…and perhaps more.

As Tifa finished fastening her boots to her feet, she noticed the intense staring from Taki’s eyes. She blushed at the ninja’s loving gaze, and almost felt the urge to return that affection.

“Go quickly.” Taki suddenly spouted. “You must not waste anymore time here. Go!”

Tifa nodded, and ran towards the cave by the edge of the room without looking back. If she resumed her lovemaking with Taki, then she would never be strong enough to face what lied ahead. She ran into the darkness and up the stone steps, embarrassed by her endlessly bouncing breasts, no longer restrained by her white top.

“What a magnificent show.” Siren Red mused. “Don’t you agree, Yuna?” The evil mistress sat at the edge of her bed, while her newest slave sat between her empress’ legs, staring at the crystal ball that watched Tifa’s every step. The nude Summoner watched with lifeless eyes, as if her mind was somewhere else, or nowhere at all.

“Oh? It seems we have an unexpected visitor entering my humble home.” Siren Red spoke, with no hint of concern in her voice. Focusing on the crystal to her right, an image of a beautiful courtyard appeared red roses and nude statues adorning the outdoor area. Upon closer inspection, a lone figure could be seen running to the nearest entrance. It was a young blonde girl, probably in her late teens, dressed in a rather flamboyant outfit that resembled a yellow bikini.

The life returned to Yuna’s eyes as she gasped at the familiar girl. “Rikku…” she softly spoke.

“Ah…” Siren Red chuckled. “That adorable cousin of yours. How nice of her to join in. This show is going to prove much more entertaining with her involved.” With another chuckle, Siren Red began to fondle the shaking Summoner’s erect nipples, excited at the events that will soon occur.